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Masaki Aeka Jurai

Looks: Elegantly beautiful as befits the princess she is. Her distinguishing features are large crimson eyes and long purple hair worn in the twin tails characteristic of Juraian royalty. When peaceful or content her face radiates a lovely aura of serenity. However when perturbed (which occurs whenever Ryouko is in the same time-space) her face can become quite twisted to rather humorous extents. Her body is lean and she appears to be the least well endowed of the Tenchi entourage but in her case this does not appear to be a handicap. As demonstrated by Washuu her smaller breasts are more than compensated for by their extraordinary sensitivity.

Smarts: Above average intelligence hampered by a tendency to act on emotion rather than thought and a general insulation from life in the real world. She's a stranger in a strange land being a Juraian living in modern Japan but she seems to have adjusted quite well to the lifestyle given her upbringing as the Crown Princess of the Empire of Jurai. However there are many aspects of terrestrial life that have passed over her head at considerable altitude. I suspect that this may be due to the fact that her interest in terrestrial life centers around the needs of one specific individual and anything outside of that sphere of interest doesn't appear to be worth Aeka's mental effort. This has been a source of past and possible future difficulty and embarrassment.

Personality: Spoiled and stubborn. Though she has settled into the routine of life on earth with its attendant duties and chores Aeka has never forgotten her destiny to reign as Empress of Jurai. She does not handle it well if things don't go her way and will view everyone around her as beneath her station. She is prone to rudeness and temper tantrums when pushed too hard or told "no" too often. She can exhibit a sadistic streak and will not shrink from something so extreme as physical torture if she feels it would further her ends. In contrast she is quite deferential to males in general and will be doubly so to her husband in particular. No doubt due to her training in the court of Jurai. While getting near Aeka will be like crawling through barbed wire, arrival will reveal a considerably gentler soul.

Home Economics: Though she is still only a princess she is a future queen and as with all queens do not expect her to be doing the household chores. If your household is on Jurai, and it will be, servants and retainers will be handling those duties. At the moment though she appears quite capable, if not accomplished, at basic household maintenance. While the bulk of household duties has fallen on her younger and far more competent sister Aeka does pitch in where she can as part of the general living arrangement. Expect however that in her efforts to please and serve you she may take a turn in the kitchen from time to time. While her cooking won't kill or dissolve the flatware you will no doubt miss Sasami-chan's efforts fairly quickly.

Combat Skills: Considerable. Evidently members of the Juraian Royal House are expected to be able to protect themselves. She certainly will not shrink from a fight especially where someone she cares about is involved and will willingly throw herself into the teeth of the enemy without hesitation. It is in this area, however, that her tendency to rash action presents the greatest danger. The opponents Aeka has tangled with so far were dangerous and very powerful. Were it not for the support of friends Aeka's hasty actions would have gotten her killed. Clearly much more training in the tactical aspects of combat as well as more development of her self-discipline are called for.

Special Abilities: Flight. Can project an energy shield around herself and anyone in close proximity. Can control and direct blasts of energy. Commands the Juraian Treeship "Ryuuou" and is supported and served by two servitors named Azaka and Kamidake. It should be noted that Aeka's original ship was destroyed in an altercation with a noted galactic criminal (check Galaxy Police records for details) but its seed was preserved. It can be expected that Aeka will have her Treeship available to her again.

Competition: Masaki Tenchi. Seiryou. Ryouko. Don't even concern yourself with Seiryou. This fop was selected for her by her father and I doubt even *he* takes Seiryou seriously. It must be the genes but once again you'll be going head-to-head with Tenchi if you want Aeka for your own. This time, however, you'll be dealing with one of the frontrunners in the Tenchi Sweepstakes. This is compounded by the fact that she and Tenchi are joined by blood as he, too, is a descendant of the Juraian Royal Family. The only way you'll get Aeka from Tenchi is if he chooses someone else. Which brings us to Ryouko. While Ryouko is not a romantic concern (certain fantasies notwithstanding, Sasami-chan) winning Aeka's heart will leave Ryouko free to pursue Tenchi without the presence of her greatest competitor. Aeka is stubborn enough to want to deny Tenchi to Ryouko even if she herself has no romantic interest in him. Your attempt to win Aeka to your side must not only be successful but so overwhelmingly successful that she will virtually forget Tenchi even exists.

In-Laws: Azusa, Funaho, Misaki, Sasami. Azusa, Emperor of Jurai with all the power that title implies. He clearly has other plans for his daughter and believe me in that they don't include you. It will take a fight to get past him. Aeka will fight with you, of course, but she is very deferential to him and I doubt she will defy him for your benefit. Fortunately there are Funaho and Misaki, Azusa's wives (Yes, Juraian royalty is permitted more than one wife). If they see that Aeka is determined to have you and you meet their standards they will eagerly run interference between you and Azusa. Funaho is a beautiful woman of culture and intelligence and will be a great benefit to your marriage to Aeka. Misaki, Azusa's Juraian wife and Aeka's mother will be something of a challenge to deal with though not an unpleasant one. Prone to overt emotional displays of physical affection she has not quite accepted Aeka's adulthood. Expect Aeka to undergo a profound personality change whenever Misaki's in the area. Sasami is Aeka's little sister and the Second Princess of Jurai. While certainly not a threat to your happiness she can be quite the little imp and takes a perverse pleasure in manuevering events to bring about confrontations just to see what will happen. She's a lot smarter than her 8-sai body (she's well over 900-sai) would appear. Keep your awareness up when she's around and you should be able to sidestep the worst of her manipulations.

Finances: On Jurai this is a non-existant problem. Marrying Aeka brings you into the Juraian Royal Family where Aeka is Jurai's next empress. Working for a living, earning money, paying bills; queens just don't do this sort of stuff. The royal palace on Jurai is an expansive, comfortable though somewhat unusual dewlling and that will be your home for as long as you remain with Aeka. Expect, though, as with most members of most royal families that you will have to put in some time at the Academy and serve a commission in the Juraian military. Doubtless you will receive your own ship to command. If you remain on earth expect, again, to be the primary breadwinner. If you imagine Aeka becoming an Office Lady or a clerk in a combini, forget it. This is something else queens don't do. Aeka will expect you to support her and support her well. She will certainly be willing to help you around the house so long as the tasks required of her are not too strenuous and don't involve getting dirty. And even then she'll quit when she gets bored.

Sex: If you're expecting the shy virginal princess to be waiting for you behind closed doors you are in for one hell of a surprise. Apparently there are some "special techniques" for training Juraian husbands in the ways of love and Aeka would greatly enjoy training you. Unfortunately for you these techniques involve plenty of whips, leather, restraints and candle wax. I shudder at the thought of Misaki putting Azusa through this process. Goes a long way in explaining his general disposition and deference to her. Anyway have plenty of first aid cream handy and prepare for the ride of your life. Sexually Aeka is one lady who will except no position other than being on top. Provided, of course, that you aren't suspended from the ceiling.

Overall: If you have what it takes to keep Aeka in line then she offers more than enough to be a worthwhile catch. Be warned though that a single moment of weakness, a tink crack in the armor, and you're doomed. This lady had been trained since birth to rule and she will rule you and make you love it. Of course there are worse fates than being enslaved by love to Aeka You'll certainly be treated well, she'll never leave you and it could prove very entertaining from time to time. Court politics will prove something of a major headache but as long as you don't aspire to anything beyond consort to the queen you should be able to stay clear of the worst of it. I'd rate this one in the plus column.

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Written by: Kyle Pope
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