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Afura Mann

Looks: Afura's short, wavy black hair serves to enhace her natural beauty. The look in her eyes much of the time can be considered by many to be seductive. Standing a few inches taller than her fellow priestess Shayla Shayla, Afura's height is about average for a young woman. Her usual outfit, while not showing very much skin at all, is sufficiently tight as to show off her feminine figure.

Smarts: Her brain seems to be working alright. She's no brain surgeon, but in a pinch she can come up with some pretty good ideas. She's been known to be quite witty and sarcastic at times. In other words, she's normal in this area.

Personality: Generally, Afura's relatively shy and quiet. She usually doesn't start conversations, but adds to them if she has something to say. If she's ticked off or in battle, however, this changes. When annoyed, she can make very snide remarks and never holds the sarcasm. When in battle, she's fairly enthusiastic, almost to the point of making speeches. Can be petty and/or possesive now and then, particularly when it comes to naming her attacks.

Cooking: Unknown. Out of the three Muldoon priestesses, though, she seems to be the most likely candidate for preparing the meals. She's likely no gourmet chef, but her food definitely won't make you sick.

Fighting Skills: Other than using her special abilities regarding wind, Afura has never been seen fighting hand-to-hand. However, she must be physically fit not only to use such magic but also to maintain her figure. Therefore, she could probably hold her own in a fistfight. Also worthy of note is that she is able to carry another person on her while flying.

Special Abilities: By applying some sort of buckle to her belt, Afura aquires the ability to manipulate the element of wind. Her abilities as an elemental range from unlimited flying to firing a blast of high-pressure air at her target. Afura Mann is a force to be reckoned with, yet her full potential has not yet been reached, as once demonstrated by Ifuriita.

Competition: None whatsoever. She's completely available, fellas!

In-Laws: Miz, Shayla. Though not family, they are Afura's fellow Priestesses. Neither of them will stand in your way unless they have reason to suspect you're no good for her.

Economics: I'm not sure how much a Priestess of Mount Muldoon makes. Such a Priestess most likely lives off the fringe benefits of her occupation.

Sex: The thrill of sex will, according to Afura's personality, rev her up almost to the point of incontrollability. It's relatively well-known that the strong, silent type "explode" in the bedroom, so I hope you have a chiropractor appointment the next day!

Overall: Not a bad choice at all. She's pretty much normal... for a post-adolescent butt-kicking Priestess.

Written by: Paul Cordeiro
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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