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Akane Tendou

Looks: Objectively, only average. But in person she has that certain something that compels boys to think of her as the most desirable woman on Earth. Maybe it's a pheromone. Some people are much more vulnerable to this effect than ot hers.

Smarts: Average. She's isn't so much clueless as refusing to recognize certain clues that lead to uncomfortable truths. And she seems to do okay at school.

Personality: Quick-tempered, jealous and a double dose of Takahashi stubborness. She can be very sweet, but her life seldom affords her the opportunity.

Cooking: Poor but improving. Akane's main problem is that she cooks in anger, which clouds her culinary judgement. As she learns inner peace, she should be able to cook edible food on a regular basis.

Fighting Skills: Good. Can certainly beat anyone who hasn't trained all their lives; the problem is that most of the cast has. If "The One to Carry On" is canonical, I suspect she has more or less accepted that she will one day marry Ranma (wether or not she likes him) and has slacked off a bit because she can count on him to do the fighting and rescuing.

Special Abilities: Is one of the few people who can regularly clock Ranma, adept with improvised bludgeons. (Evidence for carrying a Hyper-Dimensional Hammer is limited.)

Competition: Prepare for death duels with pretty much every teenage male martial artist in Nerima, plus a few from other places. Even Ranma. He may say he's just doing it because his father insists, but deep down he knows he loves her (and vice versa). Takahashi-sensei says so.

In-Laws: Soun, Kasumi and Nabiki. Soun and Nabiki will probably be upset that you beat out Ranma, who they've been pulling for all this time. Kasumi will smile and be pleasant. You may also end up with Ranma and Genma as in-laws, if t he parents decide that Nabiki will be stuck with the ancient promise. (Then she'll really hate you.) While not technically an in-law, you're probably stuck with Happosai too.

Economics: The Tendou dojo seems to be more of a financial liability than an asset, unless you can turn it around. Akane has some acting experience and can sing, so might do okay in entertainment (but remember her aura of infatuation.) She might also consider pro wresatling or pro martial arts.

Sex: Skittish. People have been trying to push their physical affections on her since she hit puberty, and she's not at all happy about being touched that way. Lots of gentle understanding will be needed to make her comfortable with th e idea of intimacy.

Overall: Way more trouble than she's worth. Even if you can get her away from the current crop of suitors, you'll spend half your marriage getting her back from the latest wacko who wants to kidnap her and make her *his* bride. ("In my country, we do not recognize Japanese marriage laws.")

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