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Akane Kasuga

Looks: Stunning, for a tomboy. Short, boyish red hair crowns her seemingly 5'8", leggy body. Rather well-developped, and not afraid to show it at the pool or beach.

Smarts: High, when it comes to plotting. Tends to use her power for her own personal gain, usually at the expense of Kyousuke.

Personality: Tomboyish. Not so much prone to anger, but don't get her angry! Acts masculine in general, and has an affinity for the same sex. Can be devious, so watch out for her attempts at manipulating you and those around you.

Cooking: From what I've seen, unknown.

Fighting Skills: Could most likely hold her own in a pinch. She seems to much rather have someone else (like Ayukawa) protect her from ruffians.

Special Abilities: Related by blood to Kyousuke (cousins), Akane has ESP powers. Like Kasuga, for instance, she can teleport. Unique to Akane, though, is the ability to disguise her body and voice to certain people to make it look like she's someone else the victim knows.

Competition: Madoka Ayukawa. Akane is infatuated with her, but I don't think Ayukawa will exactly mind if you take Akane off her hands. Kyousuke will definitely thank you for it!

In-Laws: The Kasugas. With the exception of Kyousuke's dad, who married into the family, everyone has ESP powers ranging from teleportation to telekenesis to soul-switching. If they like you, they pretty well won't stand in your way, and may even help you get Akane.

Economics: Unknown. With that coconut of hers, she can probably attain a good job. You'll need to work too, of course.

Sex: Although she can potentially be gentle, Akane'll most likely want to be on top and make rather passionate, noisy love. This is assuming, however, that she's into straight sex.

Overall: An appealing candidate for both men and women, though you may run the risk of being manipulated or otherwise abused.

Written by: Paul Cordeiro
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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