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Akari Unryuu

Looks: Definitely one of the kawai characters of Ranma 1/2, even though she doesn't show up until late is the story. Looks good in anything from a plaid miniskirt to a sundress. Ad great hair if you're into that pink stripes thing.

Smarts: Probably not genius material, but not dumb either. She seems to be doing a fine job of taking care of her family's traditional business of raising prize-winning sumo pigs. Smart enough to recognize the need to give Ryouga excellent maps if you expect him to get anywhere.

Personality: Friendly, loyal, a bit emotional. And, of course, she absolutely adores pigs. One of the more stable characters from Ranma 1/2, although that's not too hard to accomplish. Akari may be prone to trying to change her personality to suit her partner, but she's so sweet she doesn't need to change. ^_^

Cooking: Not shown in the manga, but she seems to be doing most of the housekeeping for her own farm, since the only other relative of hers we hear about is her deceased(?) grandfather. Plus, she makes an awesome batch of home-baked cookies (what more could you ask for?).

Fighting Skills: None to speak of, but she doesn't need any for two reasons. First, her favorite Sumo pig, Katsunishiki, would defend her from any attacker. Second, she's much to cute and agreeable for anyone to attack her in the first place.

Special Abilities: Just the skills needed to raise prize-winning pigs.{just he says..humph}

Competition: Ryouga. This is going to be a tough one. Not only is he perfect for her in that he turns into a pig, but she is head-over-heels in love with him.

In-Laws: Just her grandfather, who will give you his blessing as long as you can defeat the pig Katsunishiki. The pig might also count, since he'll certainly be living with you, but Akari can take care of him.

Economics: Well, she's not rich, but apparently the winnings from sumo pig competitions have been providing enough for her family to live on, so you should do all right.

Sex: She might be a little shy at first, being such an innocent-looking character. But with a little encouragement, she could become very enthusiastic. Making little "Bweee" and "Oink" noises might turn her on...

Overall: If you could get Ryouga good and lost, and aren't afraid of pigs, then go for it. Loyal, loving, and enthusiastic, Akari-chan would be a great catch! In fact, with Akari you could probably lead one of the most normal lives possible in the Ranma 1/2 universe.

Written by: Ben Elgin
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