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Alita (Gally)

Looks: Alita's cute at the least. Deep, amber eyes, full pouty lips, and a general demeaner of innocence and charm about her when she's in a good mood, add to a child-like impression. However, this girl's got a bite to her. When she's mad, you know it; those once-gentle eyes turning into a hard, glinting stare of unmistakable fury. Below her neck, Alita's all machine, her slender, short body a steel-blue cyborg. There's very little to her frame, aside from her slight curves and humanoid shape, to make it appear human at all; exhaust ports running up and down her lower arms giving evidence to her body's purpose.

Smarts: Street-smart to be sure, her life as a bounty hunter in Scrap Iron City giving her very little excuse not to be, she's also fairly intelligent in other areas. An avid reader, she specializes in German literature and philosophy, and has shown rather esoteric knowledge in these areas before.

Personality: Very deep, Alita lives her personalities like her life to the fullest, and with a touch of recklessness. Although her stubborness is a constant with her, she can be dark and brooding, quiet and highly introspective, or near maniacal and kill-happy, depending on the circumstances. She's also possessive, especially in matters of love. If you win her heart, she's going to make sure you remember that you're hers as well; mild death threats from her desire to keep someone no matter what the cost not being beyond her if it carries itself too far. But she'll always convert to her love-struck happiness in the end if all goes well, or she can see promise in continuing it; sure that love will defeat any problems of straying minds. She takes her relationships seriously, to the point of not wanting to live anymore, or finding no worth in her life, if she loses someone.

Home Economics: Marginal. Although she knows how to keep a room clean, her life has been spent in a dark and grungy urban sprawl, an almost literal garbage dump She'd probably become accomadated to conventional life after the shock is over, of course. Still, don't expect too much from her. She'll keep the place clean, but don't look for anything special. Too many repeated requests will most likely end up with you having a cleaning bucket dumped on your head.

Combat: With her cyborg body, ridiculous speed, and particular style of martial arts, Alita's quite simply one of the best fighters you're likely to ever run into. There's very few that can beat her, and she usually always learns from her mistakes, and finds holes in their defenses. If you manage to win her love, in showing her devotion for you she'd think nothing of being the perfect bodyguard.
Special Abilities: Along with supernatural strength and tactics, Alita's found ways to apply her battle experience and the knowledge she's picked up from reading, into other fields. So far, she's shown herself to be a first-rate musician, capable of drawing crowds of normally-jaded folks, into cheering onlookers.

Competition: Hugo, Alita's first love. She's in deep for him, and although she'd give him the world, Hugo's too busy gazing at the skies to even notice her, much past a friend with some romantic tension. Alita's still devoted to him however, and it would be nearly impossible to pry her from him.

Finances: In the city, Alita's pretty well off. As the best bounty hunter there, she can rack in the chips effortlessly when she puts her mind to it. What luxuries there are to be bought in the city, are easily within her grasp. If you were to take her to the real world, however, she'd have serious problems not being a target for abduction by the government for experiments, let alone finding a job.

In-Laws: Alita has little family; Daisuke Ido being the closest thing she had to a relative. Although not truly related to her, Ido resurrected Alita and gave her her body, and her name. As such, Alita considers him her father, and their bond is very strong; possibly one of the very few static things about her, no matter what's on her mind. The way she expresses it can change, but unless something drastic happens, she's always Ido's little girl, and even when things are bad she'd go back to him as soon as she settles down again. Ido would be honored to see his daughter married though, and wouldn't raise an object, as long as she was still able to be with him as his daughter. If not, Ido would do anything in his power to recover her.

Sex: As Alita's got very little in the way of a physical sexual identity, sex is out of the question unless you have a penchant for fellatio, and other activities that she can do with a flesh face and a metal body, but only those. Although it's possible that her body can 'feel' sexual stimulis, sex with Alita would be unconventional to say the least. Given those allowances, sex with her would be very physical, and easily damaging or deadly if she were to get out of hand; the fear of being reduced to a mangled corpse on the bedsheets if she moved wrong would be a consistant problem.

Overall: Alita would make a wonderful girlfriend, but a difficult wife. Although she'd give you her heart and expect yours too, making for a wonderful relationship at first glance, problems with her independance and stubborness would make a serious, long-term relationship unobtainable.

Written by: Deirdre Barimen
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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