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Ami Mizuno

Alias:Sailor Mercury, Amy Anderson

Looks: Average to good. She's a bit skinny, but will doubtless fill out as she grows. When she's off guard, she sometimes has a pained, sad expression, which might be a great loneliness, or possibly just headaches.

Smarts: Very book smart, and she gets excellent grades. She could use a bit more practical xperience to give her confidence in her plans.

Personality: Ami is quite shy, and will often bury her nose in a book rather than meet new people. She tries to be the voice of calm reason among her friends.

Cooking: Given her parents' usual absence, she can probably handle simple cooking chores herself, though I'd bet she eats a lot of instant ramen and microwavable package foods.

Fighting Skills: Better than she looks. While she prefers information gathering and distraction roles, if forced into solo combat she can defend herself quite handily. Also, her brains allow her to outsmart opponents.

Special Abilities: As Sailor Mercury, various water/cold-based attacks, plus a special computer/visor set.

Competition: That psychic kid (Greg in the DIC version?) He might be able to head you off with his precognitive abilities, but if he "sees" that you're going to win her heart anyway, he'll probably just give up.

In-Laws: Ami's parents are almost invisible; we see her mom maybe once(?) and her dad has long been separated from her.

Economics: Ami wants to be a doctor, which means a few lean years while she attends medical school and pays off her student loans. (Less than many, due to Mom helping out.) After that, she should be prosperous, if you don't mind her being on call all the time.

Sex: Underconfident. She knows about the anatomy from her pre-med courses, and will probably study the latest manuals before the big event. But the real thing? She'll need a slow and caring lover to thaw her nervousness.

Overall: For those of us who value an intelligent conversation above all, a good choice. But having been abandoned by the man in her life before, it'll be hard for her to trust, and her chosen career could put a strain on the marriage.

Written by: SKJAM!
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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