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Arielle (Areere) Relryle

Females only need apply...

Looks: A delightful combination of the adorable and sensual. A mane of long black hair, enormous purple eyes and a petite curvaceous form she's eager to share make her one compact ball of sex appeal. As she matures she will no doubt give Sheera Sheera and Nanami pause before they push her away again.

Smarts: Average if naive. She certainly lacks judgement where selecting lovers is concerned if Fatora-hime's any indication of her tastes. She appears to possess considerable knowledge of what lies in the nooks and crannies of Roshtaria serving as she does as guide to Makoto and Fujisawa-sensei. At 15-sai she has a lot of learning to do as yet but she appears both capable and eager for the challenge.

Personality: Aggressive and persistant, particularly if you've caught her eye. If she wasn't so kawaii she would qualify as a pest. Perpetually sunny in disposition I've yet to see her sad or depressed. She also has a libido that refuses to shut down. She has yet to learn the definitions of the words "no", "back off', "don't touch", "get away from me", etc. She is easily frightened but won't abandon friends in the face of danger and will at least make the effort at a fight even in the face of an overwhelming enemy. If you can convince her to keep her distance (yeah, right) she would be quite a pleasant companion.

Home Economics: Unknown but likely limited. Her youth combined with being the kept woman of a princess means that she has had little opportunity to acquire the skills of home management and cooking. Her eagerness to learn however would mean that she would pick up the skills fairly quickly and would enjoy doing so if it was yet another way to please her "oneesama". Expect that you will be carrying most of the load until she comes up to speed and takes over.

Combat Skills: Non-existant. Her one attempt at aggressive action was most embarrassing. She is small and nimble enough to avoid an enemy, particulaly one as large and cumbersome as your average Bugrom, but a concerted or multipronged attack would wear her down to where she was an easy kill. Expect that if Areere ever got into trouble (as she is likely to do on a frequent basis) that you will spend a lot of time pulling her chestnuts out of the fire.

Special Abilities: Nothing magical, technological or super-scientific. She will serve to boost the morale of any group she's a member of given her basic personality.

Competition: Fatora-hime, Jinnai Nanami, Daishinkan Sheera Sheera, and just about any other woman in range who exhibits a strong personality. In the words of the song... "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with." This song was written with Areere in mind. Your one consolation is that most people have seemed to find Areere's agressive behavior more of an annoyance than a turn on. This will likely change as she gets older but she will undoubtedly mellow out as she ages as well. Nonetheless I would still keep an eye on her and not leave her alone for too long a stretch at a time. This lady has a wandering eye and her hands quickly follow suit.

In-Laws: Her parents are still alive and are living some distance from Roshtaria but they don't seem to have any objection to her residing with Fatora-hime. Either that or they don't have much power to stop her if they did. In either case Areere seems to be a joyful girl with no strong negative personality traits (beyond playful infidelity) so this would suggest her parents are decent folks who wouldn't pose any threat to your relationship.

Finances: Poor. Indications are Areere owns little more than the wrapper she came in. Being as young as she is she would have little in the way of marketable skills. And her relationship with Fatora-hime suggests she hasn't spent much time acquiring any. You may have your hands full convincing her to get a basic education much less anything that would lead to a rewarding and lucrative career. You will be the primary breadwinner in this relationship probably for as long as it lasts.

Sex: Expect lots of it. Probably everytime you stop moving long enough for her to catch you. Areere's just out of puberty and the flush of hormones is still going strong. She is not shy and will give little thought to your surroundings when the mood hits. And it hits often. If you want to spare yourself some embarrassment and you have the stamina you will probably have to make love to her to the point of fatigue anytime you plan on taking her out of the house. Even then you run the risk of what she might do under the influence of afterglow.

Overall: While she certainly has the potential of being a colossal pain-in-the-ass, Areere's disposition and eagerness to please would make her a delightful mate. You will have to come to an understanding about her tendency towards infidelity but once the law is laid down and understood she should turn into a loyal and devoted companion as well as an insatiable lover. Remember that she is a bottomless pit where her need for attention and affection is concerned so you will probably have few opportunities for solitude. But Areere would probably just enjoy sitting quietly in the same room with you or, more likely, curling up in your lap. If you can accept her uninterrupted presence, which shouldn't be hard to do, Areere would not be the worst choice in a mate.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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