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Alias : Ashuram, Black Knight

Looks : Has what can only be described as aristocratic features. That and the combination of a rather prominent widow's peak and pale skin gives him a cold, refined look which can be very attractive indeed, depending on how you look at it. This one's largely a matter of taste, but he certainly won't be ugly no matter what standard you're using.

Smarts : Considerable. Ashram IS the right-hand man of Marmo's ruler, Beld, a position not to be taken lightly and one that must have required skill and ability to attain (not to mention hold; power is nothing if not coveted in Marmo) He also spearheaded the invasion on Valis and has proven a canny fighter on many occasions. In addition, Ashram is extremely perceptive, able to read emotions well and is one of the most feared swordsmen on Lodoss, which speaks volumes for his wits and ability to think under fire. Basically, this is somebody you want in the room during war council.

Personality : Cold as ice was a term made for Ashram. (And maybe Ayanami Rei as well, but that's a different story...) Very few things are able to draw him out of his frigid shell. He's also intelligent, cunning (both as described above) and brooks no disobidence to his command. Can be utterly ruthless when the situation calls for it.
And that's about it. Really, not much more is known about him...what it is that he hides, he hides well. The information above should be more than enough to go on, though.

Home Economics : He's an experienced campaigner, which means that he can cook enough to stay alive and on the road, but for anything else - that's what servants are for. And for heaven's sake don't expect him to cook or clean for you.

Combat Skills : You don't get to be known as the Black Knight (remember, folks, titles like that are in capitals for a REASON) easily, especially not somewhere as potentially dangerous as Lodoss. Ashram's foes include the Ancient Dragon, Shooting Star and the avatar of a mad goddess, among others. Parn, while able to more than hold his own against normal opponents, has a hard time against him [to say nothing of the way he loses his head around him] -- during their second battle, the Knight of Lodoss came very close to getting killed, increased experience and Holy Sword notwithstanding. The bottom line is; this guy's good. Coming within ten paces of him in a pitched battle will make your insurance company very unhappy indeed unless you're a skilled swordsman yourself.

Special Abilities : None. It's not as if he needs them - his innate intelligence and fighting skills already hold him in very good stead. However, his control over the Demon Blade Soul Crusher can in and of itself be counted as special; while many can wield, few can command such a weapon.

Finances : I doubt Ashram would concern himself overmuch with momentary considerations...but there's a lot more to the concept of money than simply coins and dollar bills, and the Black Knight isn't too shabby in the power and influence department. Expect him to pull serious weight here if needed.

Competition : Pirotess. You've got quite the contender here already - she's skilled, intelligent, beautiful and devoted to Ashram. Fortunately for you, Ashram doesn't seem to fully reciprocate this affection, at least not until she's dead. On the flip side, though, having Pirotess as a romantic rival ensures that your life will be in constant danger of an assassination attempt, and by all indications the lady elf is QUITE good at what she does...

In-Laws : None, at least not that we know of. They're either dead or a force to be reckoned with.

Sex : Just what lurks behind Ashram's stone-cold exterior? This would be a good place to find out. And with a body like that, chances are you wouldn't be TOO disappointed...but given his base personality, expect some element of dominance\bondage to come into play at some point. Besides that, it's a matter of pure speculation of what he's be like in bed.

Overall : Depends a lot on your own capabilities and expectations. Ashram is NOT going to be a normal match-up in any set of circumstances (unless you're used to his type, in which case we won't ask any questions) In any case, your relationship, if you can get Pirotess out of the way (no small task) will all be about power; either he will have control or they'll be some form of parity, but expect to work for it.

Written by : Zhou Tai An
Converted to HTML by : C.P.I. / ASMiNC

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