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Looks: They don't come much more beautiful than this. However, her beauty is quieter and more spiritual than, for instance, the raw sex that Urd radiates. She also has an excellent fashion sense, and dresses in unusual but attractive ensembles, when she's not trying to look "normal."

Smarts: Average, for a goddess. She has more common sense than either of her sisters, but tends towards believing the best of everyone, whether they deserve it or not.

Personality: Sweet, sweet, sweet. Belldandy makes Kasumi look like a nagging harridan. The manga Belldandy has a little more spunk than the anime Belldandy, and has even been known to get a bit tempery, especially with people who try to take liberties with her person. Despite first impressions, she does have a strong will of her own; but she hides the steel under velvet.

Cooking: Where a goddess learned to cook and keep house is unclear, but wherever it was, Belldandy could out-domestic Martha Stewart in her sleep. Her cooking is literally heavenly, and dirt simply doesn't DARE to smirch a house under her care.

Fighting Skills: She's got power, but she doesn't have the killer instinct to make a good fighter. When her temper is up, she can hurl force bolts with the best of them, but she'd probably be deeply sorry afterwards if she actually hurt anyone.

Special Abilities: As a goddess, she has a fair amount of innate power; and can sometimes channel power from the Heavens. She can travel instantly through mirrors, and knows several magic spells. When on active duty with the Goddess Relief Office, she can grant wishes, subject to approval by the Heavens.

Competition: Keiichi Morisato. Good luck on this one; they don't get stuck much harder than Belldandy is stuck to Keiichi. Both of them have already risked the wrath of Heaven and Kami-sama to stay together; you aren't likely to be more impressive. The anime never addresses the question of whether goddesses are immortal; if they are, your best bet is probably to have yourself cryogenically frozen until Keiichi has lived a long, rich, full life, died of old age, and Belldandy has had time to get over him.

In-Laws: Urd, Skuld, Kami-sama. Kami-sama you will probably never see; he hangs out in the Heavens and occasionally issues pronouncements in a particularly flashy manner. Try not to cross him, though. Urd and Skuld are going to be a headache: Urd will either try to get rid of you, if she thinks you're not good enough for her little sister; or try to "help" your relationship, if she thinks you are. Either way is likely to be equally disastrous. Skuld is going to try to stop you from taking her Oneesama away, and can employ a variety of mecha -- many of which will work as intended -- towards this end. You're not likely to be able to avoid them, so you'll have to learn to put up with it.

Economics: Belldandy no doubt could earn a lot of money as a chef if she needed to, but would probably be happier staying home (the Fem Lib poster gal she ain't.) On the other hand, matters tend to arrange themselves with a goddess around; so while you may not be rich, it's unlikely that the two of you will ever be in really serious financial trouble.

Sex: The main problem is that Belldandy radiates purity so strongly that it's hard to bring oneself to broach the subject. However, assuming that you could, and assuming that she agreed, the experience would probably be unbelievable. Belldandy is unlikely to be into the more unusual aspects -- trying every position in the Kama Sutra, for instance -- but so what? Sleeping with Belldandy is likely to be very spiritual, more than erotic.

Overall: If you like sweet and nice, they don't get much better than this. Some people find Belldandy *too* nice, and it's possible that all that sweetness could get grating after a while. Getting her away from Keiichi is the biggest obstacle; but if you can manage that, you've got a definite winner. And when you take her home to meet your parents, your Mom will LOVE her.

Written by: Ross TenEyck
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