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B-ko (Biiko Daitokuji)

Looks: Elegant, looking more mature than her classmates. Knows how to dress for effect. And to quote one fellow I showed her in the power armor to: Awwoooo!! Note, however, that if upset her face rapidly turns unpleasant in the extreme.

Smarts: Genius level, equally at home in the arts and sciences. However, a little too fond of her own cleverness, and some of her schemes collapse under their own elaborateness.

Personality: Spoiled, haughty, dictatorial. Also tends towards possessiveness and obsessive jealousy towards anyone who has what she wants. The "vs" version is a bit more reasonable, due to her less comfortable upbringing.

Cooking: That's what servants are for, dahling. The vs version can cook decently enough for A-ko to stomach.

Fighting Skills: Reasonable. Has probably had lessons from the best teachers money can buy, and once her reflexes, durability and strength are boosted by her armor, she's able to hold her own with A-ko.

Special Abilities: The ability to kit-bash together mecha overnight, plus the money to make them with. Her power armor is also pretty darn impressive, given how revealing it is. Has a cadre of minions at her beck and call.

Competition: C-ko, K-kun. C-ko doesn't really understand the problem, and wouldn't really miss B-ko as long as A-ko was handy; but B-ko's obssession with the annoying brat will be harder to kick. K-kun seems to only be the result of B-ko's "must take everything away from A-ko" obsession, and will fade from memory if not seen.

In-Laws: Hikaru Daitokuji, father. or "What if the post-reboot Lex Luthor had Tony Stark's looks?" This guy is a slimeball who would rip his own daughter's designs off and cheerfully kill her loved one to advance his corporation. Plan on some interesting corporate/family politics.

Children: B-ko's probably open to having children, but would hire a nanny at the earliest opportunity. If she lives by her father's example, she'll shower them with material goods but not much attention.

Economics: B-ko's family is filthy rich, but at least her father is still actively involved in running the company, so money pinches may occur (no second yacht this year :-) If Dad disowns her, B-ko would easily be able to find a job as a weapons/mecha designer. Her personality would probably make it hard to keep the job though. And lesser jobs would be beneath her.

Sex: There has been intense speculation that B-ko is bi, and she is not likely to be totally faithful, though she'd certainly expect her husband to be. Could be surprisingly easily hurt.

Overall: More dangerous than she appears. A lot of work would be needed to make her a suitable mate.

Written by: SKJAM!
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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