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Cima Garahau

Looks: Tragic. This woman once possessed elegant beauty, traces of which still remain in her long tresses and classically sculptured face. But the years of living in the bowels of Hell have taken a heavy toll. Now hollow eyes look out from a visage twisted with insanity and rage. Her stylish clothes and over-stylized gestures now seem to parody the woman she once was.

Smarts: Considerable. Prior to the disaster that made her what she is today Cima's fleet was charged with conducting irregular warfare for Jion. This would involve her fleet acting independently against long odds with little support and no communications with the High Command. Cima's survival at this indicates a strong ability to think on her feet when planning and executing strategies and dealing with the unexpected. Now, though, that genius has been perverted by madness.

Personality: Deranged. This woman knows loyalty to no one but herself. Not even her crew matters to her beyond their usefulness in her schemes of personal profit. She reigns like a queen aboard the Lili Marlene rather than a captain and regards her crew as vassals and serfs. Personal vengeance against the entire Solar System is her ultimate goal being the outcast that she is. She will sell out anyone and enjoy the experience thoroughly and she will kill at the drop of a hat (if a hat could drop in space). Whatever capacity for love this woman once had was burned out of her a long time ago and nothing short of divine intervention will restore it.

Home Economics: Are you kidding? This woman wouldn't lift a finger to serve her own needs much less yours if there were some one else around she could force to do it for her. The Lili Marlene is her personal domain where she serves no one, least of all you. Besides, would you eat anything this woman cooked without first subjecting it to extensive chemical analysis? Get used to shipboard routine for this is the only place this woman has to call home and for all intents and purposes you are just another expendable member of the crew.

Combat Skills: Devastating. Aside from commanding a Zanzibal-class cruiser she pilots a Gelgoog with lethal joy. She participates in virtually every sortie and clearly enjoys blowing other mobile suits and mobile suit pilots to Kingdom Come. She also doesn't happen to care which side those mobile suits are fighting on. In combat she is the very personification of a "loose cannon". A combination of superior equipment and superior skill will be required to take this lady out if she's anywhere near a mobile suit.

Special Abilities: Nothing magical, supernatural or super-scientific (thank God!). She is an excellent schemer and can devise the most complex plots-within-plots while standing on one foot. Fortunately for the rest of the Solar System circumstances seem to intervene to insure that she doesn't get too far ahead.

Competition: None. Go for it. She's all yours if you're fool enough to want her. Her home colony was destroyed presumably taking everyone she cared about and who cared about her with it. Jion screwed her over royally at both ends so she's not likely to care about anybody in their camp and there's no love lost between her and the Federation either. No one who knows her is likely to stand in your way and may vainly hope that a relationship with you might mellow her out. They can keep dreaming.

In-Laws: None. All dead. If any of them are still alive they probably wouldn't admit to knowing her given the nature of her crime. I suspect "family" is now an empty concept to her.

Finances: Not good. The Cima Fleet can call no port home and are unwelcome at all of them. This necessitates their having to scrounge for everything they need to remain operational. Cima's own plans have netted her a few profits here and there but don't expect her to share any of it with you. The Lili Marlene is disintegrating due to lack of proper support and when it ultimately does fail Cima will no doubt disappear with her stash leaving you and her crew to fend for yourselves as best you can. You might want to start putting away a little nest egg of your own and hope to god that Cima doesn't find out about it.

Sex: Expect to do a lot of work while deriving little to no pleasure. Sex will be on her terms for her amusement and there will be no love involved in the process at all. I have seen little evidence that Cima even possesses a libido anymore. Sex for her, if she engages in it at all, is likely to be an indulgence of physical need and relief of boredom and as likely as not monogamy is an idea you'll probably have to give up on (for her at least).

Overall: RUN, do not walk to the nearest lifeboat and get as far away from the Lili Marlene as you can while hoping that Cima is nowhere near her gelgoog. You do not want to get involved with this woman. She is beyond hope. She is beyond redemption. She will chew you up, spit you out and then sell you to the highest bidder. The Solar System owes Lt. Uraki a debt it can never repay.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by" Jim Franks

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