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C-ko Kotobuki

Looks: Actually quite pretty, if you can overlook her childishness. A slender, almost immature figure. Short, bushy blonde hair and innocent green eyes.

Smarts: The stereotypical airhead. 'Nuff said.

Personality: Usually bubbly and cheerful, but capable of bursting into waterfall tears at a moment's notice. Very childish in her outlook, and prefers little-girl things to things that teenage girls like. The word 'brat' comes to mind.

Cooking: Shyeah, right! Her cooking is infamous. Akane's doesn't even compare. The problem is, C-ko refuses to see this, and will probably try to feed you at more than one point. Have a superhuman constitution or a universal antidote handy.

Fighting Skills: Nonexistant. Will be completely dependant upon you for protection. She is also prone to being kidnapped.

Special Abilities: Able to charm almost anyone. (except anime fans, it seems ^_^ ) Her wails can cause actual pain to the ears. Is probably highly tolerant to most known and unknown drugs and poisons, due to eating her own food.

Competition: A-ko might well be thrilled that C-ko's found the right man, but God help you if she thinks you hurt C-ko... B-ko and Kei will both be after you, but I'd be more worried about the former... Also the aliens of the Lepton kingdom might interfere, not wanting their princess to marry just anyone.

In-Laws: C-ko's mother, the Queen of the Lepton kingdom of Alpha Cygni. Assuming she even gives the marriage her blessing (unlikely), you'll have to deal with a mother-in-law who acts just like her daughter.... C-ko presumably has step-parents that she lives with, but they have never been seen. A-ko will probably be around enough to count as an in-law, as well.

Economics: C-ko has no marketable skills that I can see, unless you count selling her cooking to research labs for experiments...

Sex: Um, er, right. C-ko has no concept of sex at this point. This may be a turn-off or a turn-on, depending on your taste. I honestly don't know what her reaction to this would be...

Overall: You'd likely be better off looking elsewhere, but it's remotely possible that she'll grow up sometime. Considering her mother, though, that's not likely.

Written by: Kent Magami
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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