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Looks: Two feet tall, long white haired monkey on a stick. She's got those big, round eyes that utterly fail to register 'kawaii' and her facial features have been reduced to two big eyes, two small breathing holes, and a beak. Well, at least her long hair is still a vibrant shade of silver.

Smarts: Devious, crafty, brilliant. Infinitely more intelligent than her great granddaughter.

Personality: It's her way or the highway. She IS the queen of the amazons, after all, and isn't used to not getting her will done.

Cooking: Probbably great. She DOES do alot of the cooking for the Nekohanten.

Fighting Skills: Dangerous. Surprising strength and agility along with sharp reflexes and superhuman speed.

Special Abilities: MANY forms of ki-blasts, pressure points, and some talent with mind alterning chemicals as well. {Don't forget a couple of centuries of practice as well!}
Competition: Um... well... Happosai, but not really. He goes after every girl anyways, and Cologne seems to be low on his list.

In-Laws: Shampoo. She shouldn't be much of a problem, since she's mostly a pawn of Cologne. But get on Cologne's bad side and you'll have two mighty amazons ready to kill you.

Economics: 1) she's a queen 2) she runs a resteraunt. No fabulous wealth here, but a fairly comfy living.

Sex: (Excuse me while I loose my lunch) She's... ah... experienced, (300 years of it!) with Shampoo as proof of her... um... experience. If you've got a dwarf or senior citizen fetish, she's your gal. And she'll DEFINITELY want to be on top.

Overall: If you're.... um... willing to overlook the negatives... she's an interesting possibility. A queen, an entrepreneur, and a master martial artist. Now good luck trying to overlook the domineering persona and prune-on-a-stick like appearance.

Written by: RPM
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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