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Looks: Slender, elegant and demure, Deedlit is everything you could want from non-robust beauty, and more. Long, golden-blonde hair, a slim, graceful and modest frame, deep, shimmering blue eyes, and long, elven ears. Her fair, comely attractiveness is not something most people would ever be likely to find, or possess. Everything about her, from her lithe movements, to the way her hair lifts with the winds, to her gentle, beaming smile is a pleasure to behold.

Smarts: Deedlit's quite intelligent; she's had a long time to cultivate her mind and thinking, after all. Although a bit limited in scale by her somewhat sheltered existance(Elves, at least of Deedlit's kind, don't seem disposed to have much to do with other races willingly.), anything she knows about, she knows well, and is a quick learner about things she doesn't.

Personality: Haughty, as is befitting to her position as a young member of one of the elder races, she can be extremely sarcastic and biting towards other races at times in close positions, especially Dwarves, and Dark elves, although she is polite and well-mannered in public usually. Once you've broken past the exterior, however, you are greeted with a kind, gentle, caring soul, pleasant and friendly to be with, although retaining a playful sarcasm. She can be prone to jealousy, however, and can be upset somewhat easily if she's not given the attention she wants, at the time that she wants it. While it may also be easy to placate her in these situations once you realize what's going on by simply giving her the focus she's wanted, it could prove to be a slight source of annoyance at times. She makes up for it however, with her usually-delicate nature, and her devotion, which could lead her to be very nuturing, affectionate, and even somewhat fawning in the right situations.

Home Economics: Deedlit, like the rest of her kind, is an experienced woodsperson, and as such, knows much about edible plants, berries, and what-not, as well as, in times of need, animal trapping and preparation/cooking. She likely is not very experienced in true household cuisine, although she'd be very willing to learn probably, and most likely become very, very good at it. She probably isn't very used to mundane chores such as cleaning either, but would again, likely be very willing to learn and go about it cheerfully.

Combat Skills: Deedlit is an accomplished swordswoman with her elvish rapier, and skilled in light natural/elemental magic that isn't destructive or harmful to the enviroment. While not aggressive, and clearly possessing a certain distaste for violence, her devotion and her belief in what's right will make her a fierce, unyielding combatant at need. You can rely upon her to stand by and defend you whenever you need her to.

Special Abilities: Natural/elemental magic, as mentioned above. Also an accomplished musician with the lute, and knows many hauntingly beautiful tunes to go with her skill. Her experience in the wild also brings skill as a outdoors woman with her, and any camping trip she took you on would assuredly be an experience to remember and treasure.

Competition: Parn, the knight of Lodoss. Deedlit is very infatuated with him, and it would take a great deal to draw her away from him and into your favor. Parn also loves and cares for Deedlit a great deal, and is more then willing to fight for her, although if it became clear that going with you was what Deedlit wanted the most, Parn would accept this and desire whatever made her the happiest, thus proving no further obsticle.

In-Laws: None known, although if her parents are still alive, her father could likely be tough problem to overcome. Aged elves aren't likely to be very agreeable to their daughters marrying anyone other then another high elf of their choosing. Her mother, however, would likely prove no problem, her daughter's happiness being of paramount importance.

Finances: Deedlit hasn't had much use for money, as nearly everything she's personally needed, she can find and/or make on her own. Depending on need, however, she could draw a respectable income with her musical and craft talents, although she by no means would be likely to let you sit by and let her do all the work. =)

Sex: She's gentle. If you're looking for a wild, rough and tumble bedmate, you won't find it in her more then likely. However, if you have an appreciation for soft, caring, and refined lovemaking, she could well prove to be one of the best things to ever happen to you. While she may be willing to experiment with more esoteric styles and positions, don't expect her to be very susceptable to more forbidden pleasures. Very light bondage, silk scarves and the like, is probably as far in that direction as she'd ever be willing to go.

Overall: She's got her faults, like all good things. And it could prove very difficult to win her heart. If you are successful though, then you've won a priceless jewel that you'd never, ever regret. Most of the more annoying sides of her personality only manifest towards people she doesn't know/dislikes, and what's left over is a small price to pay for such a wonderous prize among women. Just treat her with the respect she deserves, and take care not to neglect her, and she'll give you everything you could ever want from her, and more.

Written by: Spectral
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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