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Inuyama Dosetsu Taratomo

Looks: Sullenly handsome. Can probably spice up your love life by impersonating any character role you like. Not much of a smiler. Tall, dark, great eyebrows.

Smarts: Not stupid, but awfully foolhardy at times. Intelligent enough to pull off a number of weird disguises, but not always smart enough to get out of trouble when eventually recognized. More of a fighter than a scholar, but probably literate. Mensa material, he's not.

Personality: Brooding and obsessive. Tenacious enough to make a pitbull look like a chihuahua. On the bright side, if he falls deeply in love with you and you make an untimely exit, he'll stop at nothing to avenge you. Nothing. Into self-inflicted pain at times, and very much the lone wolf. Be careful; if he doesn't develop strong emotional ties with you, you're liable to be abandoned at any moment while he goes haring off after the next enemy on his hitlist.

Cooking: Probably adequate at least, as he's been a lone wolf for an indeterminate length of time. However, would likely be amenable to your homecooked meals. He may be hypersensitive about food poisoning. Or poison in general.

Fighting Skills: Highly impressive (hey, he's a Dog Warrior). Can happily cut a swath through the usual generic troops, but much prefers to throw a grenade or fifty and vanish in the ensuing mushroom cloud. May snitch your sword in the process, so watch your back. While not as highly skilled at swordplay as some of the other brothers, he's probably the best at ninja-type jumps and high kicks. Can run like the dickens, too, usually with fifty highly annoyed soldiers after him.

Special Abilities: Dramatic posing, heavy angsting, fifty-megaton fireballs, brooding obsession. Can dig underneath a firepit like nobody's business. Into costuming, and can disguise himself as just about anybody.

Competition: None known, but expect his sister (if still alive) and his "brothers" to be important in your married life.

In-Laws: Dead as doornails, the lot of them. Not A Problem. Has a few dependents and retainers, but doesn't seem terribly concerned about them.

Economics: Enh. Pretty bad. Family broke and wiped out, and he doesn't seem terribly interested in building up a fortune. Better have lots of your own cash handy, or prepare to work a second job. Be prepared to hold the creditors at bay; he probably won't bother to.

Sex: Probably enjoys it if he can stop brooding long enough to find someone. May or may not remember you're in bed with him, depending how much he's grown to love you. May flash back to traumatic childhood events at odd moments. Luckily, he doesn't seem the type to play the field. If you can get him to channel all that intensity he puts into avenging his family into bed with you...oh, boy. Keep a fire extinguisher handy (you lucky dog).

Parenting: May not be the best bet for fatherhood, at least not until he settles down a bit. It does seem likely that he would want to give his children the parental love that he was deprived of at a young age, and he probably has strong ideas about the unwisdom of splitting up families, especially siblings.

Overall: Sullen good looks alone don't cut it, ladies. If you can truly win his affection (and manage to keep him *alive* and *out of trouble* --hah!), he'll probably make a deeply devoted husband, though not a wealthy one. If not, prepare to find your house firebombed at any moment and your sweetheart miles away. Be warned. And invest in lots of asbestos. Considering the life expectancy of his loved ones, you may wish to pay for your funeral expenses in advance.

Written by: Theresa Wymer
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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