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Filia ul Copt

Looks: As a human, she's tall and blonde, has a cool hairstyle and a good figure, and is a consistant top choice on Slayers polls which go in for that sort of thing, in her dragon form, Filia looks born to be a stuffed animal (too bad Slayers doesn't go in for fuzzy mascots).

Smarts: Filia is a being of high intelligence, that's for certain, but only in some areas, mainly related to her skill at dealing with people (she can display a Xelloss-like ability at manipulation, and is really good at judging personalities). At some matters of intelligence usually nessessary for a Slayers character -such as reaction to crises- she can be hopeless.  (ed : Don'tcha just LUV the way she does "handle" crisis, though? -- "Oh, this tea is so good..." )

Personality: It changes as she matures throughout Slayers TRY, but in general, she is a rather controlling personality in a situation when she feels as if she's in control of the situation, but if she doesn't, she'll become passive and try to let others take the lead. At all times she has an innate understanding and sympathy for people, which leads to her making friends easily despite some hints of shyness. When in her "controlling" mode, she sometimes uses this understanding to blackmail more easily, but most of the time she only uses it to help people. At the beginning of TRY, her naivete is amazing, but by the end she has lost that (for better or for worse).

Cooking: Sometimes I wonder how the Slayers cast survives on the road. Here is another character whose profession and background (a dragon priestess) virtually gurantees no cooking skills.

Fighting Skills: Offensive white magic, a rare specialty in the Slayers world, even for the dragons who are now the only ones who can so draw on the power of the Gods. Although we never see Filia's full arsenal of spells, the ones we do see are quite devastating. She also has a mace which she uses frequently to send male characters into the mid-stratosphere, and which has the amazing ability to hang from a garter without causing discomfort or changing the hang of her dress.

Special abilities: Manipulation is about it, other than making Xelloss furious with her holier-than-thou (quite literally) attitude towards him.

Competition: A lot of it. Filia obviously has a strong empathy with series "villain" Valgaav, although as shown late in the series, it's more like a maternal instinct that a romantic feeling. She and her oft-declared enemy Xelloss also appear (and are confirmed by eyecatches and such) to have something going by the end of the series. And those are just the two couplings that are canon for Filia. You can expect a fight for her.

In-laws: None, but many ghosts.

Economics: Well, she has her own shop at the end of TRY. She can probably support you both with it.

Sex: The great unknown- like Lost Universe's Neena, the kind of personality that could either become controlling or totally passive.

Overall: If you can handle the occasional bit of blackmail or macing, and are willing to fight a couple of the most powerful beings in the Slayers world, pretty close to an ideal mate.

Written by : Rachel (Lastname?)
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