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Gourry Gabriev

Alias: Gourry-sama (Dear Gourry or Gourry Dear in dubs), Lala.

Looks: Oh, boy. The most beautiful Slayers man, without question- he even has good hair. Well-built but not musclebound, and attractive while managing to appear male.

Smarts: Not bright- but not as stupid as he can seem, either. Gourry is slow on the uptake and has a very bad memory, which makes him appear dumber than he actually is. He knows people well and is generally a good judge of  character, and since his thoughts run along the same channels as Lina's, he appropriately shares her trait of being able to call a situation well.

Personality: Great, especially when compared to his comerades in arms Zel and Xelloss. Gourry is almost painfully nice, and very supportive. He also has classic ideas about chivalry- he will fight for Lina's life and her honor even at the expense of his own. Also spontaneous and fun-loving.

Cooking: As with Zel, eats out most of the time. Likely has some clue of how to cook, although we know he tends to rely on Sylphiel for that.  (addendum : In 1st series, Gourry seemed to have a lot of trouble just trying to cook fish over flame)

Fighting skills: The best swordsman in the world, bar none (I am specifically thinking of Zangulus). Gourry's sword work is flawless, and he's also a good man with a blunt weapon, or just about anything physical he can get his hands on. (Although he has not yet, like Zel, used Lina as a weapon. But Zel's more of a projectile guy anyway, and throwing Lina's right in keeping with that...)

Special abilities: Let's see. He can charm any women who see him shirtless. Has an almost infinate ability to make people like and trust him. Uses surprising creativity and zeal in going about a set task, and will never stop until it is finished.

Competition: Lina Inverse- although she won't admit it, of course. Few screaming fangirls, but those who exist are a mighty force in and of themselves. Sylphiel will also attempt to resist a pairing, although in a very passive way.

In-Laws: Gourry's only known relatives are not significant parts of his life.

Economics: The usual cash from bandit hordes.

Sex: ::bypasses many unladylike comments about his proficiency with a sword::. A more positive experience than sex with Zel.

Overall: Go for it, if you're not annoyed by his old-fashioned outlook, and can get used to his occasionally giving your entire plot away.

Written by : Rachel (Lastname??), who, if Gourry ever took off his shirt in front of, would probably react much like Martina did in NEXT... ^_^ ... Convenient that her name is Rachel -- (Rachel Lillis being the voice of Martina)

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