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Hakubi Washuu

Looks: She wears her 20,000-sai age well resembling as she does a 12-sai girl. Make no mistake though that she has an adult form that answers a lot of questions about where Ryouko got her good looks. Her most striking feature is a magnificent crown of brilliant red hair that bears a passing resemblance to a crab.

Smarts: Where do I begin? She is the self admitted "number one genius scientist in the galaxy" and I don't think there is anyone who could dispute that claim. A prodigy from the start she's had 200 centuries to add to and refine her education to where she can be considered an expert on any aspect of science and applied technology. The lab where she tinkers about required five planets sub-dimensionally linked to contain it all.

Personality: To all outward appearances, deranged. She enjoys playing the mad scientist to the hilt. However at the most unexpected moments she can display a level of tenderness and vulnerablity that will put you on the floor. She can also be unbelieveably cruel to Ryouko from time to time. The level of her intellect makes it very difficult to pin down just what her basic personality is but I expect that there is no malice to her and much she does is out of scientific curiosity and a god-like distance from the lesser beings around her, with the possible exception of Masaki Tenchi who's hidden potential has even Washuu stumped.

Home Economics: Incredible. For all it contains Washuu's lab is beautifully maintained and even homey. I can understand why she spends most of her time there. I also expect that this has little to do with her pushing a broom around. Washuu's knowledge and skills have no doubt given her the means to automate the whole housekeeping process. You probably won't even have to make your bed or pick up after yourself. Which is good as Washuu will probably set up her home within that lab and its sheer expanse would make conventional housekeeping methods useless. As for cooking Washuu has some difficulty coping with unfamiliar technology (stoves and hibachis) but once familiar she is clearly an accomplished cook and will even use her own hands in the kitchen.

Combat Skills: Deadly. You'd never know what hit you even if she explained it. Not a brawler in any sense, Washuu would never use direct physical force against an opponent. She doesn't have the size. But this is more than compensated for by the forces she commands over time-space itself. Washuu's mind is a weapon with which very few entities could cope.

Special Abilities: Stand back! Like her notorious offspring Washuu can project energy blasts as well as form an energy sword. Can call up an ethereal laptop which is no doubt linked to her mainframe and can use it to analyze any problem she's confronted with. Can access sub-dimensional space at will and uses it as a storage area and route of travel. She's mentally linked with her "daughter", Ryouko. She can maintain a body of a fixed age or revert to full maturity at will. Her knowledge of genetic engineering allows her to create custom order lifeforms and it is suggested that she has a role in the destiny of the universe approaching that of divinity.

Competition: Masaki Tenchi. Tokimi. While she views him principally as a guinea pig for her experiments there is some sexual if not romantic tension between them. On two occasions Washuu has propositioned Tenchi. If you can convince her that you'd be a more interesting subject for her explorations you might turn her eye but it will be difficult competing with someone who can generate ten kouyouku. However I suspect that Washuu realizes that she has little chance of winning the Tenchi sweepstakes and thus keeps her advances on the playful level. If offered the chance at a real relationship of her own with someone up to her standards she'd jump at it. Tokimi's interest in Washuu is not romantic but something a lot more powerful even if it still remains unexplained. Getting Tenchi out of the way will be a breeze compared to Tokimi who is for all practical purposes a goddess. Fortunately Washuu seems quite capable of holding Tokimi off and wouldn't let her interfere with her marriage to you. In the end, despite all the people surrounding her, Washuu is terribly lonely. There isn't anyone in the Masaki household that she can really relate to so she spends much of her time cloistered in her lab hiding in that 12-sai body. If you're the one who can lure her out of her shell you will be greeted by a very warm and loving woman.

In-Laws: None known as far as parents are concerned. They may be still alive given Washuu's longevity but they seem to play no role in her current life. She has an ex-husband and child who are members of a "very important" family, but nothing beyond that is known.

Finances: Why would this woman have anything to do with money? With at least five planets of her own and the technology to fabricate anything she desires including living beings Washuu is financially set for a very long life. Washuu has left such concepts as "economics" behind a long time ago. If you become her husband you will spend the rest of your life in school acquiring the knowledge to hold a conversation with her. Working for a living will be a dead concept.

Sex: Kinky. If she comes after you in the nurse costume with the rubber gloves, run. Not that you'd get far with the capture devices she commands. This lady probably knows sexual techniques that would require your genetic alteration. You need never worry about your sex life becoming boring or routine. I seriously doubt that you will ever have sex with Washuu the same way twice.

Overall: This is a catch worth everything you have to land. If you can convince her to come out of that lab and out of that body (unless you like the smaller one) this lady has more to offer than anyone else I can think of. Power, knowledge of secrets of the universe terrestrial scientists would saw off limbs for, comfortable expansive quarters no terrestrial billionaire can match and the entire galaxy as your playground. This is a combination that no other woman in the Masaki household can match.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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