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Looks: Gorgeous, in a very young, innocent fashion. Beautiful eyes. Nice, though not extravagant, dresser.

Smarts: Seems intelligent enough, though her intellectual education has probably not been emphasized. She tends to be a bit naive, but will probably grown out of it as she matures. Figures out problems and solves them, though bad luck has a way of interfering.

Personality: Very sweet and kind. However, she's not afraid to stand up for herself if necessary. Turned out amazingly well for someone raised with such hellish parents. Sosuke thinks the world of her, which is probably a good sign. Seems well liked in the village, and is probably pitied her awful "relatives. The ultimate Cinderella character, with more backbone. Tremendously devoted to Shino, whether she's alive or dead.

Cooking: It was good enough for Shino, wasn't it?! Eat your rice balls and be grateful, kid.

Fighting Skills: Not a fighter herself, but if anyone is foolish enough to mess with her, they'll have Shino, Sosuke, *and* Dosetsu jumping on them in a heartbeat. And they won't let up until the assailant is dead and buried. Even then, they'll give his or her ghost hell. As a spirit, she's highly protective of Shino, keeping a watchful eye on him twenty-four hours a day.

Special Abilities: Inspires tremendous protective feelings in her male peers. Faithful until (and after!) death.

Competition: Shino, Shino, and Shino. Since she will literally kill herself before marrying another, you'd better make *very* sure that she's the woman for you, *and* that she agrees with your opinion. If you try to bump off her fiance, she'll never forgive you. Ever. Better make sure that he is definitely out of the picture and will never come back before you make your move, and even then it'll take some doing. On the bright side, should she decide you're the one, you'll get wifely devotion on an unparalleled scale. Enjoy it. And keep her away from demonic beings.

In-Laws: Oy. Now the bad part. You get Hikiroku and Kamezasa, you lucky dog. Be damn sure you can stand up to all their evil machinations, or leave town. Permanently. However, you get Sosuke as a more-or-less brother-in-law, and Bansaku as an honorary uncle. See if you can get him to give you kendo lessons. Dosetsu, if around, will be highly protective of his sister. And God help you if he doesn't like the way you're treating her.

Economics: Not too shabby. As the daughter of the richest family in the village, she's comfortably middle class. Expect her awful "parents" to rob and cheat you blind, though. They'll make a good try.

Sex: That's part of a wife's duty, and by gum, she'll give you all she's got. Show her a good time; she deserves one.

Parenting: She's likely to be as exemplary a mother as she is just about everything else. With any luck, she *won't* take after Kamezasa's maternal instincts, or lack thereof.

Overall: As one of the great paragons of wifely duty in all of Japanese literature, you'll be sitting pretty if you win her. This will not be easy, what with Shino and all. Try to eliminate her parents early on (don't get caught at it, though!), or be sure to have a nice hideaway far away from Otsuka mura. Like Mars.

Written by: Theresa Wymer
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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