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Haneda Miyuki

Looks: Generically good, nothing necessarily unusual, but definitely nothing to sneer at, either.

Smarts: Better than average all around; excellent pilot skills. Has a tendency to jump to conclusions.

Personality: Self-sufficient. This woman has no doubts about her own self-worth, which is a good thing since she's in one of the most gender-prejudiced military forces in the modern world. Has a short temper which causes her to do things she later regrets. Once you get past her aggressive exterior, you'll find a loyal and loving woman who can be just as gentle as she was hostile.

Home Economics: Unknown.

Fighting Skills: In hand-to-hand, standard JASDF training; Miyuki is not going to get mugged. In a fighter, deadly.

Special Abilities: None aside from her flight skills are evident.

Competition: Isarugi Takuya, planes. In fact, something major would need to occur to get rid of this hang-up. However, if you can swing Takuya over more towards Mitaka Arisa, Miyuki might become a bit more approachable. (If you can get Takuya to make any romantic decision whatsoever, you can move mountains with but a word, too.) Also, Miyuki is a dedicated pilot; be prepared to share your entire life with the latest airborne weaponry.

In-Laws: Unknown, unless you want to count her C. O., Captain Konishi. Said blowhard would almost insist on giving the bride away, and you can count on him embarrassing EVERYONE at the reception.

Economics: Average. The JASDF provides limited room and board, and limited salary, but all things considered it's not exactly the lap of luxury. For anything besides a frugal life restricted to the airbase, I suggest a second job.

Sex: Interesting question. Miyuki will not bed down just anyone (more than likely, she's still a virgin). However, depending on her mood, she might be either a thoroughly dominant or completely submissive partner. Expect the unexpected.

Overall: Definitely worth getting to know better. With a little patience, Miyuki could be someone to pass the years with... and she'll certainly be a loyal partner no matter what.

Written by: Kris Overstreet
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