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Looks: Two foot tall, wrinkled skin, old lech, not attractive in any way. :)

Smarts: Well he manages to come up with all those crafty ways of stealing unmentionable objects, so I guess he's not dumb. Then again he gets clobbered for doing it lots of the time.

Personality: Very lecherus, Hentai. Will glomp on any female he sees.

Cooking: Unknown.

Fighting Skills: Very good. He is the master of Anything Goes Martial Arts after all. But that does not explain why Ranma-chan, Akane, etc. always manage to punt him into orbit.

Special Abilities: Ki blasts and other things from his Anything Goes training.

Competition: Ranma-chan, Akane, Ukyou, Shampoo, Kodachi, etc. You can easily get him if you want though, if you had the right, ahem, body parts. But why would you want him? :)

In-Laws: Not technically in-laws, but everyone living at the Tendo Dojo (Ranma, Akane, Soun, Genma, Nabiki, Kasumi).

Economics: Unknown, but he could make money by teaching martial arts.Other than that he's just freeloading off the Tendos.

Sex: He's never actually done it before, he might just want to glomp on you and nuzzle himself between your breasts instead. Then again maybe he will do it.

Overall: Who'd want to marry this old lech? :)

Written by: Phillip Mak
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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