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Hikaru Shidou

Looks:Above average. If she keeps growing up, she'll look pheonminal. Long red hair, and that's a plus for me(at least).

Smarts: Good. She's thought her way out of problems before, and she has shown a good leadership tendency. She's no rocket scientist, true, but she's got wisdom. All she needs is experience.

Personality: Very Taoist, very free-spirited. She can adapt very rapidly to a situation, and can deal with anything thrown her way. She respects friendships, and if you make her your friend, she'll follow you to the ends of the earth. However, she is fully capable of doing things she hates to do, when nessisary.

Cooking: Unknown.

Fighting Skills: Fairly competent. She starts out with a sword, and it has been said she is a student of Kendo. Might not do well unarmed, but she can hold her own against most "sword" martial artists.

Special Abilities: Ouch! She can project fireballs(more powerful as she gets more expereinced), is very tough, and can summon a massive magical creation(i.e. her personal "giant robot", when needed. She might have a force field, but she doesn't need it if she does-her armor is very protective.

Competition: Nobody, really. Ferio is really intersted in Fuu more than any of the other two Magic Knights, and it seems that, if anybody, it might be Ascott who like Hikaru more.

In-Laws: At least a mother, father, and brother back on Earth. Nobody on Cefiro.

Economics: Depends. On Earth, she's still a Junior High School student. But on Cefiro, if her rank as a Magic Knight implies a royalty title, she might have lands, money, and servants when she grows older.

Sex: I'd wait until she finished growing up. When she does, however, she'd probibly like a passionate love affair, as "firey" as possible. But she still would want to be on top, however.

Overall: Like I said-I'd wait until she finished growing up. When she does, however, she's a very interesting woman. Just don't expect her to be submissive or demure-she's got a nasty bite.

Written by: Jon Souza aka NoDUI
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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