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Looks: Devastating if cool. Flowing blue-grey hair, ice blue eyes and a pale complexion give her the beauty of a well crafted blade. Her figure is trim yet ample in all the right places. It was no doubt intended by both tactical requirement and aesthetic indulgeance that the most compact and powerful weapons system in El Hazard also be the most beautiful. That intention was fulfilled.

Smarts: Overwhelming. She no doubt started her life with a considerable amount of information programmed into a wicked intelligence. Twenty thousand years of experience have no doubt expanded and refined that initial store. Her capacity to learn is far superior to the most sophisticated of terrestrial computer systems and she has a highly developed sense of emotional awareness which is probably far in excess of her designers' intentions.

Personality: Grim. She's a weapon and she knows it. When ordered she will kill on any scale without hesitation. However, it is an existence she regrets deeply, having no function other than leaving death and destruction in her wake. She has no choice in this as her circuitry requires her to obey without question the commands of the holder of her key. If given the choice and the power, though, she would end this existence by any means required.

Home Economics: While she has no need of a home or the skills required to maintain one she could no doubt learn them very quickly given a reason to. She is essentially a highly sophisticated sentient computer system. At least that's how she started out. It would take little more than an explanation of the basic concepts for her to maintain a warm comfortable home as if she'd been doing it for centuries.

Combat Skills: Berserker. She's a weapon, remember? This is what she *does*. The last time she was loosed during one of El Hazard's ancient wars she left entire cities in ruins if she left anything behind at all. Her destructive capabilities are on the order of strategic nuclear weapons by way of contemporary comparison. There was no defense against her and no surviving her attack. Needless to say little remains of ancient El Hazard beyond memory and legend.

Special Abilities: Flight. Directed energy blasts up to the thermonuclear scale. The ability to immediately learn and utilize any combat technique used against her. Her only limiting factor is that she must be rewound after expending any large quantity of energy. This is not a task she can accomplish on her own (no doubt a safety device).

Competition: Mizuhara Makoto, Jinnai Katsuhiko. Makoto's ability to interface with ancient El Hazard technology has given him great insight into Ifurita's past and her feelings about it. His compassion for the suffering she has experienced in the life she's led has unlocked her capacity for feelings up to and including love. For this act it is doubtless that anything can tear Ifurita away from Makoto and I wouldn't recommend trying. Jinnai is certainly not a romantic rival, if anything he regards her as an appliance. He doesn't even regard humans as human. The threat he poses is that he possesses Ifurita's key and thus binds her to obey his commands. If the circuitry that governs her obedience can be accessed and disabled or he can be persuaded to give up the key Jinnai would quickly drop out of the picture.

In-Laws: None. Ifurita is a manufactured device. The closest thing she has to parents are the engineers who designed and created her and they are long dead. In becoming your spouse she will be entering the realm of "family" for the first time.

Finances: None. Ifurita does not require money. At least she didn't during her life as a weapon. While her combat capabilities don't offer much career opportunity outside of military circles I can see possibilities in mining or construction. Living a life as your spouse will require Ifurita to gain familiarity with handling money which you will have to earn for the two of you. Remembering that Ifurita is essentially a computer, however, will mean that she will be one hell of a finance manager once she understands the concept.

Sex: Difficult to say. While outwardly she is magnificently sexy we have yet to determine how much her anatomy parallels that of a human woman. The one anomaly we've seen so far is a socket at the base of her spine where her key is inserted to wind her. Given the level of unpredictability sexuality adds to human behavior it would be difficult imagining Ifurita's designers incorporating such a capacity into so powerful a weapon. However, considerable trouble was given to making Ifurita as human as possible including the capacity for emotional awareness and the desire to love and be loved. If they gave her this capacity it seems logical that she would have the physical capacity to fulfill it.

Overall: If you're not put off by the circumstances of Ifurita's origins or the simple fact that she is a machine and are not intimidated at the prospect of teaching her the ins and outs of being human then Ifurita is well worth your time and effort. She will be loyal, loving, faithful and eager to please as she experiences love for the first time in 20,000 years. Plus you can rest assured that no one's dog will be doing anything on your lawn. If Ifurita has any downside to her as a mate it will be her immortality. I have no idea how long her designed lifespan is but she's functioning quite well after 200 centuries. Given the happiness Ifurita has the capacity to give after long milennia of delivering nothing but misery I would think this would be a small price to pay.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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