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Ifurita (TV)

Looks: Cuddly. A look of wide-eyed innocence softens the harsh contrast of blue-black hair against ghost-pale skin. A slender yet appealing figure tucked into a mode of dress emphasizing her mechanistic aspects results in the anomaly of a cute weapon.

Smarts: Unenhanced, average. Even a little ditzy. When joined with the Eye of God her intellect advances to a level distancing her from the realm of mere mortals. She can be easily confused when given instructions too elaborate or complicated but it cannot be absolutely determined whether this is merely an act. As she cannot willfully disobey the holder of her key she may rebel against an unjust master in more subtle ways. She may be more cunning than she's letting on.

Personality: Innocent and eager. She genuinely wants to please whoever she's with even if that person is a target. Her outgoing friendliness belies the purpose behind her existence. It can be a confusing experience to be genuinely liked by the agent of your destruction. She is a weapon with no enemies.

Home Economics: She's had some small experience in maintaining Diva's palace between missions to Roshtaria so a smaller domicile should provide no problem for her. Her cooking skills are probably lacking as she does not need to eat. I expect though that she could pick up the skill fairly quickly in order to please you. Just remember that she can be easily confused by tasks with which she's had no prior experience or programming so considerable patience will be required with her intial efforts. As she's motivated by genuine love, however, you'll probably miss her mistakes after she comes up to speed.

Combat Skills: While she was purpose built as a weapons system and she is eager to fulfill the role she can be a little misguided. This is a major concern as she has the power to destroy a large hill with a single blast and manifests some control of elemental forces. Her one attempt to use wind as a weapon though ended up with her being trapped in her own tornado requiring Afura Mann to free her at great personal risk. She certainly has considerable power but she is a likely to be as dangerous to the people she's fighting for as she is to those she's fighting against.

Special Abilities: Flight. Directed energy blasts in the tactical nuclear weapons range. Control of elemental forces (air at least). Can interface with the Eye of God.

Competition: Jinnai Katsuhiko. As possessor of her key she is required to obey his commands. And perhaps in his own way he genuinely likes her as the only act of tenderness he ever displayed was towards her. She seems to like him as well as she does put up with a lot of his crap. However Jinnai is such a loser and ultimately treats Ifurita so badly that it would take very little to lure her away from him. Your biggest challenge will be obtaining the key from Jinnai and transferring control of Ifurita. If you can accomplish that Jinnai will no longer be a threat to your happiness.

In-Laws: None. Being manufactured Ifurita would not have a family and her builders are long since dead.

Finances: Ifurita has no need of money so she would have no experience in earning any. However given her power and reputaion no one would refuse her anything she wanted no matter what the cost. Then again she doesn't really need or want anything. Community happiness would require that you deal fairly with the merchants around you within the rules of the economy so you will have to earn the living for your household. Ifurita's power and skills might be useful in earning a living and perhaps even becoming wealthy, however her erratic nature may end up with her powers costing more money than they earn.

Sex: Innocent and giggly. Ifurita would have little reason to have gained any experience in this area so she would be very nervous at the prospect. And a nervous Ifurita can be a very dangerous Ifurita. This assumes she's even capable of sex in any conventional sense. There is no way of knowing what the intentions of her designers were where Ifurita's anatomy is concerned.

Overall: While she can be a dangerous bundle to be near it is impossible not to like and eventually love Ifurita. She certainly needs and desires human affection and will do most anything for it. If you can snag Ifurita for your mate and treat her well there isn't anything she wouldn't do for you including laying waste to the neighboring continent. Life with her may be a little unpredictable and your neighbors will give you the utmost respect for as long as she's in your household. With so little in the negative column Ifurita is a catch well worth pursuing.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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