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Athena Bronze Saint Pheonix Ikki

Alias: Ikki Kiddo

Looks: Ruggedly handsome, and shaggy hair actually looks good on him. Favors a little tearing on his clothes, you won't get him into formal wear too often.

Smarts: Way smarter than anyone kicked in the head as a kid as often as he was has a right to be. Tends to pick his battles, and studies his opponents, often waiting until they've been softened up.

Personality: Aggressive, rather ruthless. Stubborn to the point of breaking rather than bending, and very protective of his brother. Perhaps a little overconfident, especially under Ares' control, but learned to mute this after Cygnus' little trick.

Cooking: Death Queen Island was a big camp, as I understand, (all the Ares Saints trained there too) so they probably had some sort of centralized mess tent. But given Ikki's master's training methods, he probably made him live on grubs and roots for long stretches too. Ikki can probably subsist on less and worse food than the other Saints, and might even survive C-ko's cooking.

Fighting Skills: Excellent. Makes up in ferocity what finesse doesn't cover. (Remember, "fighting skill" is separate from "special abilities", which is why I rated Shun so low in the former. He must have had some hand-to-hand training, but he never uses it in the episodes I've seen.)

Special Abilities: Too many to conveniently number, most dealing with fire, illusion and death. (Including the ability to come back to life as needed.) The Phoenix Cloth has throwing feathers, but Ikki uses these rarely, and usually to announce his presence. Ikki seems to have better stealth than the other Bronze Boys, and has personal experience dealing with mind-warping powers.

Competition: His dead girlfriend, maybe Pandora. It's unlikely (Esmeraude?) will be coming back to life, but since she died just as he realized he loved her, she'll stay perfect forever. Dunno about Pandora...

In-Laws: Shun, and if the adoption really went through, the rest of the Saints. Shun's a likable sort, though he'll be protective of his big brother's happiness.

Economics: Bodyguard (and adoptive brother) to a multi-billionaire. (I don't think the boys really understand that they should be in line for some big bucks.) May have other means of support; he often disappears for long periods.

Sex: Well, that depends on what kind of sex education program they had on Death Queen Island. If none, I see Ikki as an adherent of the "harder, faster and stronger is better" school. If they did, it might go something like this... ("Now remember, women like this foreplay sh*t, so be sure to slap the b*tch around a little bit before you tear her clothes off. And if she isn't having internal bleeding, then she's not really satisfied.") Ikki would reject this of course, and be a little inhibited until his lover showed him what women really want.

Overall: Not my first choice, but if you want a man who will track anyone who hurts you to the ends of the earth and kill them slowly and painfully, Ikki is your man.

Written by: SKJAM!
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