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Isarugi Takuya

Looks: Nondescript. When not in dress uniform, Takuya tends to relax in his work overalls. Not especially anything, handsome, strong, etc., but he's young yet... there's time...

Smarts: Lots. Possesses an encyclopedic memory of anything he loves, which includes the mechanics of fighter planes. Is not naive, but extremely shy as regards the opposite sex. Has a very rich fantasy life.

Personality: Takuya spends most of his life in a deferential mode, willing to go along with the flow. However, in a crisis, Takuya becomes a natural leader, competent and dynamic, and totally unafraid to take charge of the situation. This resolve totally vanishes when it comes to his love life; were the matter left to him, absolutely nothing would ever happen to him, romantically speaking. Finally, Takuya is a total otaku, with a vast knowledge of manga, anime, sentai, and monster movies. His imagination is rich and polluted with such images, so be prepared.

Home Economics: Minimal, as far as we know.

Fighting skills: Minimal provided by JASDF training, assuming he had any. If you and he are headed into a rough section of town, pack your Mace.

Special Abilities: Excellent mechanic, totally dedicated to his work (when he's not building anime garage kits).

Competition: Haneda Miyuki, Mitaka Arisa. Both dedicated, both dangerous. If you try to swing Takuya's heart away from either of them, expect the fight of your life.

In-Laws: Unknown.

Economics: Takuya is at the bottom of the pay grades in the JASDF, plus his anime hobby can eat you out of house and home if not controlled. However, Takuya seems to have some savings, and apparently has a measure of control over his spending. Still, expect to live as a 2-income household.

Sex: Y'know, inside that skinny little guy could be a true stallion of lust, ready to send any woman into... who am I kidding? Treat him gentle, ladies, he's fragile.

Overall: Considering the opposition, he may not be worth the fight... but Takuya has a lot more going for him than it seems. Keep your mind open, and be willing to take the initiative, and you might find someone you'd want to spend your life with.

Written by: Kris Overstreet
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