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Looks: Tall, handsome, with long bluish-white hair and yellow eyes with red irises. His face has a purple complexion which gives him a highly exotic look. The rest of his body is invisible. His style of clothing is conservative, bordering on ceremonial.

Smarts: Mad scientist-level. Besides the fact that he's currently working on a unified field theory, this student of Washuu Hakubi even managed to outsmart her, and we all know what kind of intelligence that requires.

Personality: Ruthless, callous, cold-blooded, ambitious (wants to rule the universe) and arrogant as hell, this is a man to stay away from. He is the one your parents warned you about, girls. As he is totally obsessed with his scientific work, you shouldn't expect him to notice you unless you can't help him with his research.

Home Economics: Everything is automated.

Combat Skills: Lethal. He is virtually indestructible, and a tactical nuclear strike wouldn't even be enough to make him stop his scientific work.

Special Abilities: He can fire energy bolts or summon an energy sword, pass through solid objects (and take things with him), fly, teleport, control Ryoko (an incredible feat), telekinesis, and on top of that he plays the pipe organ in that special way only an arch-villain can, too.

Competition: His research. Don't expect to win, you won't. The only way you can get close to this guy is by giving him something he needs for his research. Which is something you shouldn't do, since he may very well kill you to get it.

In-Laws: None.

Finances: Kagato doesn't need money. What he wants, he takes, even if he has to wade through corpses to get it.

Sex: Sex with Kagato is likely to be interesting (it could be bloody painful and downright disgusting, too -- we have no idea of what this fellow is into). As he is the experimental type, and has (probably) experimented with Ryoko for some 5000 years, you can expect him to have a few tricks up his sleeve.

Overall: A choice for the suicidal. Pray that he never gets within a light-year of you.

Written by: A schmuck who prefers to be anonymous
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