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Kanuka Clancy

Looks:I'd crawl naked over broken glass and razor blades with my wrists and ankles bound just to look into her eyes. This is clearly one of the most beautiful and unique looking women in anime. This woman can make anything from a black lace negligee to an AV-98 Ingram look sexy when she's wearing it. Expect a lot of envious heads to turn in your direction with this lady on your arm.

Smarts: She's got 'em serving as she does as a command car driver. You don't give the task of keeping Ohta in line to an idiot. Her assignment to evaluate the operations of a functioning Patrol Labor Unit for the sake of establishing a similar unit in New York indicates that she has above average capacity for observation and organization. This lady's brains more than keeps up with her body.

Personality: Direct. She does not believe in mincing words or beating about the bush. Professionally she is quick to action almost to the point of being rash (jumping into AV-00 and taking it into action with a suspect OS was not that bright). You would best be advised to develop a thick skin if you're going to spend any time with her for you will know what she thinks in no uncertain terms. However, I suspect that a woman with this tough an exterior is concealing a very soft, loving and generous interior. She clearly cares deeply for the members of SV2 and if you can earn her devotion you will have a loving and faithful companion for the rest of your life.

Home Economics: Even her temporary apartment in Japan was meticulously maintained. Expect your household to be similarly kept and learn to keep your feet off the furniture. Cooking skills are unknown but I expect that she's no slouch in the kitchen. Kanuka clearly puts everything she has into whatever she does. Expect, however, that you will not be watching TV with a beer in your hand while she prepares dinner. You will be expected to contribute whatever you can to the tasks of household maintainance. And god help your butt if you don't.

Combat Skills: *DO NOT* piss this woman off. This lady lives to bust heads. Hand-to-hand, firearms, katana, labor; this lady can kick ass with any of them. I don't expect New York City has gotten any safer in the time "Patlabor" takes place. That she's a street patrol officer there indicates that her combat skills are not only to be respected but worshipped. Gotou certainly thinks so.

Customs Agent: "Sightseeing?"

Kanuka: "No. Combat."

Need I say more?

Special Abilities: Nothing supernatural, magical, or super-scientific. She is a qualified labor pilot, speaks at least two languages fluently, can outdrink most people except one.

Competition: None known with the possible exception of her career. However, we know very little of who might be waiting for her back in New York. Make no mistake, though. Finding your way into this lady's heart will be no easy task. Smooth words alone will not cut it here. You are going to have to be at least as tough as she is. This is not a woman to squander her affections on the unworthy.

In-Laws: No data known on the specifics of her family but I suspect that if Kanuka has decided on you she will brook no grief from them over her decision. You'd be best advised to get a long well with them, though, for no doubt she will be as devoted to them as she will be to you.

Finances: Cops have been traditionally underpaid for what they do and I suspect things haven't changed much in "Patlabor's" time. She dresses well so I suspect she makes enough to live comfortably and she will probably get a raise once she moves over into the new New York Labor unit (any income derived from working for C.L.A.T. cannot be depended upon) but don't expect to be living in the lap of luxury, particularly not in an expensive place like New York City.

Sex: Whoa Boy! Watching this woman undress will probably be enough to generate multiple orgasms. Certain depictions of her suggest she has other uses for hand-cuffs beyond restraining those she arrests. Expect her to be completely in control of most sexual encounters though this type can also derive considerable sexual pleasure by occasionally putting herself completely under your control. In either case there will be no false modesty or shyness here. Expect her to be as direct sexually as she is in everything else. Pray that you are up to the task.

Overall: This woman is not for the squeamish or the hesitant. You had better be sure of yourself if Kanuka is your goal. Remember also that she is a front-line cop so you will have all the risks and fears attendant with being the spouse of a cop. I suspect, though, that given her talent she will be offered command of her own unit (probably the Labor unit) in no time. I also suspect that this will not stop her from taking the controls of a labor from time to time so the risks probably won't be diminished by promotion. Beyond the possibility of the dreaded visit from her unit commander this woman has much to offer as a wife to anyone lucky enough to win her heart. She will be loving, competent, devoted and probably a lot of fun. So take a number and get in line.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by" Jim Franks

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