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Kasumi Tendou

Looks: Classically beautiful, a woman instead of a girl. I don't think I've mentioned here that I find aprons a real turn on. Well, I do, almost as much as wedding dresses.

Smarts: Hard to say. Is she really as oblivious as she sometimes seems, or is that an iron shield of "everything's okay" that she's maintained since her mother's death, when she became the responsible one in the family? Early on, she's returning a book to Dr. Tofu, and it would seem likely that most of the books in his personal library would be on medicine or philosophy, not something for an airhead to peruse lightly. I like to think that she's fairly bright.

Personality: Always smiling, quiet and gentle, no matter how bad things seem. God help us if she ever cracks.

Cooking: Excellent, especially given she is often short of cash for fancy ingredients. Unlike some other Ranma 1/2 girls, doesn't seem to force her food on the unwilling.

Fighting Skills: Being so lovable no one ever attacks you is a very good defense, actually.

Special Abilities: So lovable no one ever attacks her. Seemingly immune to all forms of distress.

Competition: Dr. Tofu, the "egg man". While she likes the doc, his inability to function when she's around makes this a very dangerous match, and a strong effort could win her away. We've had very few episodes that focus directly on Ka sumi, does anyone know of other potentials?

In-Laws: Soun, Nabiki, Akane, maybe Ranma and Genma. As the eldest, she may end up taking care of her father at your place if Ranma takes over the dojo. And Happosai is unlikely to give up on her cooking.

Economics: While she could easily get a restaurant or cleaning job, her first love seems to be housewifery, and I feel she deserves a husband who can support her.

Sex: Yes, this being part of the housewife gig after all. She'll try to please her husband, and you'd d--n well better try to please her.

Overall: Better than almost anyone deserves, especially Ranma.

Written by: SKJAM! (who if Kasumi showed up on his doorstep tonight and said, "So, Scott, I understand you like me..." would probably react just like Dr. Tofu)
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