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Keiichi Morisato

Looks: A cute-and-cuddly college boy. A mere 5' (+/- a few inches), he's been known to complain about his height. Hair is black, relatively short, and slightly messy. More skin and bone than muscle is on him.

Smarts: He's a whiz around motorcycles and related subjects. Has a bit to learn in the common sense department, like don't drink love potions from goddesses you don't know too well! Reasonable to assume his scholarly ability is above aver age, considering he's in college.

Personality: Very kind and demure. Treats the opposite sex with the utmost respect. Has been known to whine at times, but more often than not, he's quite the optimist. Not too bold sexually, he makes plans about things like holding hands. Can handle stress admirably.

Cooking: We never see Keiichi cook, especially since Belldandy's around. Before she came around, he tended to order take-out.

Fighting Skills: Weak, if any. His personality and physical shape doesn't permit it. But if someone he loved is threatened he could potentially put on a good show due to adrenalin.

Special Abilities: None that makes him superhuman. His vast knowledge of motorcycles could be counted as a special ability, though.

Competition: Belldandy, Sayoko. Belldandy would be very hard to get past, considering not only that she is a goddess, but also that she has a contract with Keiichi to stay with him forever. Sayoko, a normal human female, and has an apparent crush on Keiichi for God knows what reason. She still hasn't given up on him, as OAV 4 shows.

In-Laws: Megumi, Keiichi's younger sister. She has been known to give Keiichi a hard time at times, as little sisters do. However, she can be equally supportive, and also has a strong knowledge of motorcycles.

Economics: Modest, but Keiichi earns enough from his parents to support himself and the others in his temple. Not afraid to obtain multiple part-time jobs in order to afford a present for his girlfriend.

Sex: Virginal. Keiichi's a shy man, and may pass out from loss of blood (from his nostrils) before much has happened. With more experience and a lot of patience on your part, Keiichi can potentially make a great lover.

Overall: An all-around, faithful, great guy to be around. If you can look past his quirks with a little patience and a lot of love, you won't be disappointed.

Written by: Paul Cordeiro
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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