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Kisaragi Ayaka ("Yuugen Kaisha")

Looks: Delectable. A long fall of deep red hair and eyes that will melt the heart of the coldest oni. All of this perched atop a trim, athletic figure often found stuffed into clothing frequently inappropriate for the tasks she is required to accomplish. As Ayaka pursues a lifestyle of high stress, high alcohol consumption and late nights her looks are in considerable danger of fading long before their time. If you want to keep her looking as delightful as she currently does you will have to keep her under tight rein where these factors are concerned. Fortunately it doesn't appear that Ayaka would be too resistant to this if the reins were held by the right person.

Smarts: Highly intelligent. The study and mastery of the more esoteric aspects of Shinto and Buddhist spirituality is not for the feint of heart or weak of mind. Where her specialty is concerned Ayaka keeps a veritable encyclopedia of facts concerning obake, bakemono, oni, kyuuketsuki, kami, etc. straight in her head ready to be called upon at a moments notice. Unfortunately this seems to be the only area where she exercises any sort of mental discipline. In other aspects of her life, particularly the financial aspects, she is as scattered and disorganized as they come.

Personality: Single minded. Where the assignments given her company are concerned she's a bulldog. Nothing from outside this world has a chance once Ayaka has locked onto them. She will pursue her quarry around the flames of Perdition itself. She also likes to have her fun, which consists principally of sake and karaoke. In this Ayaka can be the very personification of overindulgence. Be advised that when drunk she can be very difficult to deal with as she is too kawaii to say "no" to and thus you could easily end up being dragged through every karaoke bar in Shinjuku until well after sunrise.

Home Economics: Don't even think about it. This woman can barely manage to put her own clothes on much less do anything as complicated as cooking and household maintenance. Shimezu Mamoru seems to be the individual chiefly responsible for keeping her clothed, fed and housed and he's only 8-sai. It doesn't appear that Ayaka is incapable of these skills. Starting, organizing and running a business as esoteric as hers in one of the most expensive areas of the most expensive city in the world clearly indicates some talent for organization. But she appears to have no patience for minutiae. Preferring to hand them off to others while she concentrates on the big picture.

Combat Skills: Against the minions of the supernatural she's devastating as well as being able to hold her own in conventional combat with living opponents. In addition to her skills with the sword she commands a considerable arsenal of spiritual weaponry as well from tradition ofuda and incantations to highly specialized personal talismans concealed in the forms of cosmetics and jewelry.

Special Abilities: Intensive training in Shinto, Buddhist and western spiritual disciplines. Her weapon of choice is the Kouryuureifuuseiken, a multi-purpose implement disguised as a lipstick that serves as sword and spear as well as being used to draw needed symbols of warding in thin air. Her earrings can be thrown at targets releasing sizable amounts of spiritual energy when in close proximity to them. She is skilled at swordsmanship though the actual style is difficult to pin down. She is also handy with ofuda, able to fling them with the best of them.

Competition: Karino Kouzo. Shimezu Mamoru. Karino is the only real romantic competition you have. A detective in the ill-respected "U" Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, this man makes Lt. Columbo look absolutely dapper. There is real affection between Karino and Ayaka and they have each saved the other's life on more than one occasion. This can be the toughest bond to break. However both are reluctant reveal whatever feelings they have to the other. A determined courtship of Ayaka could be successful if Karino remains reluctant in voicing his affection which is likely as he appears to be somewhat deficient where self-confidence is concerned. Be warned, though. If Karino does decide to fight you for her you will have a battle on your hands. Appearances notwithstanding he is smart, skilled, talented and he deeply loves Ayaka. Mamoru has assigned himself the role of Ayaka's protector. If you don't pass muster with him he may decide that you are someone she needs to be protected from. And believe me he has the resources and the skills to do it. If you do pass muster he will be invaluable in helping you keep Ayaka functioning with information on dealing with her various idiosyncrasies starting with getting her up in the morning.

In-Laws: None known. She's a runaway declining as she did the ascetic life of a cleric. So far no contact with her parents has been shown and it is likely that they will not be playing any role in your relationship. The closest thing Ayaka has to family in Tokyo is a rather eccentric bunch of employees. How much trouble they are likely to cause is anyone's guess but they do care about their boss and will no doubt be looking in on the two of you periodically.

Finances: Enough to make you want to run screaming into the night. Ayaka is a natural money repellent. Any yen that find their way into her hands will soon be in the coffers of the nearest boutique. Under no circumstances is this woman to be given a credit card or a checkbook. Yuugen Kaisha has its financial ups and downs like any other business but Ayaka does not appear to believe in reinvesting her profits back into her business. Her taste in expensive clothing and accessories as well as a tendency to party to excess will quickly drain your bank account unless you clamp down on her hard. Mamoru will be an invaluable aid in this area having had considerable prior experience. The principal problem you will have is that Yuugen Kaisha is her business and she has every right to the money it earns. You may have to consider an independent income for emergencies and insure that Ayaka has absolutely no access to it.

Sex: Playful and endless. Ayaka is a lady who likes to have her fun and sex is certainly a lot of fun. She will no doubt want to first go out to her usual pastime of sake and karaoke and you may spend more time making love in the karaoke booth of her favorite bar than in your own bedroom (just make damn sure you've turned the microphone off first). Remember as well that Ayaka is not above using her charms to get what she wants and you could be in considerable danger of agreeing to god-knows-what in the afterglow of sex with her. If you keep this in mind you can look forward to a lifetime with a spirited and energetic partner who would likely make it difficult for *you* to get out of bed in the morning.

Overall: The lady is not without her drawbacks. Her financial irresponsibility could be the source of major problems if not kept under control as well as her general irresponsibility in the area of maintaining a household either alone or for two. However, Ayaka has shown herself capable to rising to any challenge if she takes it seriously enough. As she gets older she will no doubt realize that her lifestyle of putting off adult responsibility will not last forever and she will acquire a more practical attitude about marriage and life in general. When that happens you can look forward to a capable wife who deep down will never really lose her sense of fun. You need never concern yourself with your marriage ever going stale so long as your attempts to keep the less desirable aspects of her personality under control don't degenerate into repression though I suspect that in loving you she will control these aspects herself. In any case, for good or ill, this will be a marriage you will certainly enjoy.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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