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Looks: Tallish (stands a few inches over Tenchi's head, if I recall correctly). Long, straight, dark green hair and a serious look on her face add to her attractiveness. Slender, but not as thin as Mihoshi.

Smarts: Seems to be quite intelligent, especially when foiled with Mihoshi. Although creative ability certainly doesn't surpass Washuu, she can come up with a plan in a pinch when confronting a crisis.

Personality: Holds the prestigious honor of being the most sane Tenchi character. Her patience has been worn thin due to constant interaction with Mihoshi, and hence lashes out easily. Tends not to come on to people as strongly as her br etheren. In other words, she's basically your average Joe (er, Jane) in this category.

Cooking: Unknown. (Haven't seen enough of the TV series.)

Fighting Skills: Haven't seen too much of them, but Kiyone seems to be a rather competent Galaxy Police officer.

Special Abilities: Other than putting up with Mihoshi, none.

Competition: Mihoshi, possibly Tenchi. I say Mihoshi not because she's romantically interested in her ^_^;;, but because she can easily louse up any attempt at a relationship with Kiyone by just being herself. I say Tenchi by default; one of the cardinal rules of Tenchi Muyou! is that every female character in the universe and beyond wants Tenchi!

In-Laws: Unknown.

Economics: Being a Galaxy Police officer probably nets Kiyone a healthy income. However, she's not the type to let her man sit on his butt and leech off her.

Sex: Normal.

Overall: If you can look past her tendency to anger, Kiyone could be a worthwhile match for the Tenchi fan.

Written by: Paul Cordeiro
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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