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Kodachi Kunou

Alias: Black Rose

Looks: Good, but has a penchant for either full gowns or leotard. That really annoying laugh will scare off quite a few suitors.

Smarts: Dull average, not counting her mental block on Ranma.

Personality: Nasty as all get out, though having Tatewaki as a brother explains a lot. Twisted sense of honor allows her to justify anything she does as long as it succeeds. Gets along just fine with anyone who does exactly as she tells them. She may treat them like dirt, but she doesn't really mean harm by it.

Cooking: Good presentation, but is too fond of unorthodox ingredients. Have her hire a cook.

Fighting Skills: Excellent, but over-relies on gimmicks and cheating. Straight hand-to-hand, she'd be hard pressed against any of the other fighting women in Ranma 1/2.

Special Abilities: Highly acrobatic, minions (though we usually just see Sasuke in the anime.)

Competition: Ranma. He could care less, but quite frankly you're not going to get Kodachi unless you can convince her you're a better choice, and it'll be a tough sell.

In-Laws: Kunou-senpai and the Principal. Are you sure you want to be related to these people?

Economics: The Kunou family is filthy rich, but they can be awful cheap sometimes. (Remember how Sasuke lives.) It would be wise to have an independent source of money.

Sex: Definitely wants to be on top. Probably into bondage (yours.) Acts sadistic, but may not insist on it in bed.

Overall: Not my type, but may appeal to someone who wants a rich wife with a taste for kinkiness and a tolerance for poison. I'd recommend you deafen yourself first, too.

Written by: SKJAM!
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