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Koitabashi Kyouko

Looks: Cute beyond description. Short blonde hair, huge green eyes and a diminutive frame combine to create one kawaii package. And for a woman her size she fills out a bikini quite nicely, thank you. However she is at some considerable risk of losing these looks as she is balanced in the unenviable slot between Mitamura Arisa and Natsume Akiko. The stress of being in such a position is likely to start taking its toll very early unless she can be removed from this situation.

Smarts: Highly intelligent and would (and should) be the brains of the Arisa/Kyouko pair. Unfortunately Kyouko can be very retiring and will be easily overridden by Arisa even when her judgement says otherwise. Alone she would probably lack the self-confidence required to capitalize on her brains and advance to a more secure position within Mishima Juukougyou.

Personality: Retiring and compliant. When alone Kyouko will do little to assert herself in the face of a stronger will. She can be easily led into activities and situations that are anything from dangerous to ridiculous. When supported by Arisa however, she can manifest all of the worst traits of her constant companion. In a move uncharacteristic of her basic personality she gleefully participated in the destruction of a family restaurant using a magazine fed rocket launcher that was bigger than she was. You will probably find Kyouko a very compliant wife who will be eager to please so long as Arisa is nowhere in the neighborhood.

Cooking: Kyouko appears to be a meticulous housekeeper if certain unhealthy influences (Arisa) are removed. She appears to desire nothing more that a sane and orderly life and if you can get her she will thoroughly enjoy providing one for the both of you. Expect your home to be clean and orderly and food to be prompt and well prepared. Kyouko would never insist that you participate in any of the household chores but this lady has been used enough and she really deserves a spouse attentive enough to offer her assistance with maintaining the home.

Fighting Skills: Offensively Kyouko is about as helpless as a kitten in a wolf pack. She would be easy prey to anyone interested in fighting her. As defensive support however we find an entirely different person. Hooked into the right equipment and serving a competent front-line warrior Kyouko can tell you everything you could want to know about your enemy down to his shoe size and when he changed his underwear last. Kyouko is clearly best suited to the intel role. If the key to victory is knowledge of your enemy then Kyouko would be anyone's ultimate weapon.

Special Abilities: None supernatural, magical or super-scientific. She is clearly skilled in the use of a wide variety of data processing equipment and serves as weapons operator aboard Poison One. Can handle a wide range of hand-held personal weapons though her marksmanship is no better than Arisa's. Has not demonstrated any capability with complex war machines on the order of attack coleopters, combat suits or tanks.

Competiton: Mitamura Arisa. Not a romantic rival but her only friend and constant companion. Kyouko is frequently drawn into Arisa's plans for fulfilling Akiko's and Mishima's wishes, often to her detriment. I think it would be very difficult for Kyouko to say "no" to Arisa unless she was backed up by someone who's will she felt was at least as strong as Arisa's. Kyouko probably doesn't want to get involved in the many schemes of Arisa and Akiko but they're the only people in her life and she doesn't want to lose them. If you can win her heart it would probably give her the strength to follow a saner course through life.

In-Laws: No known family. Probably regards Akiko and Arisa as surrogate family so expect to see a lot of them. Both will be a handful in trying to lure Kyouko into some new plan for revenge against Akiko's estranged husband so you'll have to stand your ground against them if you want to keep Kyouko in one piece.

Finances: Poor. Though she works for one of the world's largest conglomerates in a position of great responsibility her salary is subject to the caprices of her boss, Natsume Akiko. Unless you can convince her to seek employment elsewhere while overcoming the objections of Arisa and Akiko you had better be prepared to be the primary breadwinner.

Sex: Very cute. She will likely be very hesitant and unsure in this area but with gentle persuasion she would become a very capable lover. Don't expect much in the way of sexual agression unless there's a side to Kyouko that she keeps well hidden. Undoubtedly she might seek some counsel in this area from Akiko and Arisa which may make things a little strange at first given the personalities of these two but if you can convince her that her own judgement is all she needs you can enjoy a normal and entertaining sexual relationship with her.

Overall: This woman is probably very ready to be someone's wife if only to acheive something close to a safe and normal life. Convince her that that someone should be you and you will have a faithful and dutiful companion that would spare no effort to keep her nest warm, comfortable and happy. You will probably be fighting a constant battle to keep Arisa and Akiko from drawing her back into their fold but if you can hold onto her Kyouko would doubtlessly be devoted and loving companion for the rest of your life.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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