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Tatewaki Kunou

Alias: Kunou-sempai, Upperclassman Kunou, Blue Thunder, Shooting Star

Looks: Tall and actually quite handsome when he isn't laughing goofily. Problem is, he thinks he's better-looking than he actually is. Tends to dress in kenjutsu gear without the armor.

Smarts: Dumb as a box of rocks, though we make an exception for his knowledge of classical Japanese poetry (or Shakespeare in the US version.)

Personality: Has an ego the size of Kyoto, and Takahashi character stubborness so bad, he won't admit to himself that neither Akane or the pig-tailed girl like him even after they spell it out repeatedly both verbally and physically. At least some of his behavior is explainable by early abuse by his father, and possibly his sister's chemical experiments have something to do with it. Mostly, he thinks *he's* the star of the series, and doesn't get why he isn't being treatedlike it.

Cooking: Unlikely. He's also so careless, he'll eat Kodachi's concoctions on the assumption they're Akane's! I suspect that with his gift for self-delusion, you can feed him broken glass, and he'd enjoy it, *if* you told him it was cooked by one of his obsessions.

Fighting Skills: By the Ranmaverse standard, pretty mediocre. Just about everybody that bothers to fight Kunou stomps him. But he is capable of slicing stone with a wooden sword, which is pretty impressive by real-world standards. Also, he's totally specialized in Kenjutsu, which leaves him at a disadvantage if his sword is taken away.

Special Abilities: Nigh-indestructible, capable of self-delusion on a truly grand scale.

Competition: Akane, Ranma. Not that either of these would really stand in your way (Ranma might do his "girly girl" bit one last time for giggles) but you'll somehow have to break the boy of his obsessions.

In-Laws: Kodachi, the Principal. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Economics: Kunou is stinking filthy rich, but seems to make poor buying decisions. Insist on the traditional Japanese "wife handle thehousehold accounts" arrangement.

Sex: Well, he'll think he did a good job :-) (He also thinks he's twelve inches...:-) Will probably take a lot of coaching before he can really satisfy a woman.

Overall: You're marrying him for the money, right?

Written by: SKJAM!
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