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LinLin & RanRan

Looks: Definitely cute girls, LinLin with pink hair, and RanRan with blue, dressed in cute Amazon Battle suits, standing about up to their Shampoo-anego's shoulders. LinLin carries her trusty bo-staff, while RanRan carries a tiger-fork.

Smarts: Well, they're kids. But they seem to be rather good at catchign on to things, and finding people, so they can't be too stupid...

Personality: Violent, but in a friendly way. They just need some one to pound on for excercise, and usually any lame excuse will do. But they are quiet friendly to most amazon women. Were trying to kill Ranma, until they discovered he was a boy and Shampoo was in love with him.

Cooking: They're amazons. You are male. Hence, be prepared to "work your butt off"!!!!!!!!!!! Remember who we are dealing with here folks, Sandy Duncan and Annette Funicello they ain't!

Fighting Skills: D**n good! Beat their Shampoo-anego, Kuno, and almost K.O.'d Ranma and Akane. Watch out for their "Dancing Fire Dragon" Techngique.

Special Abilites: Being adorable, moving faster than a locomotive hooked up to the Enterprise, and spinning porcelain bowls in the air and watching helplessly as they crash on customers at the Nekohanten.

Competition: None, unless Tsubasa Kurenai sees them.

In-laws: Technically speaking, Shampoo and Cologne are not their blood relatives (Shampoo is a sister villager), but they treat each the girls as such, and therefore you can count on these two to laugh and cackle at you every time the two girls pound on you for you just being male scum.

Economics: They will probably keep their jobs at the Nekohanten as long as they can learn to catch the bowls properly, if not they'll probably hire themselves out to anyone who wants anybody else beat up. You won't be working, they'll be having you cleaning the floors at your home with your tongue.

Sex: Not for about five years! These girls aren't legal yet, but knowing them, they'll probably end up being just like their Shampoo-anego, only twice as violent.

Overall: Don't bother waiting for these girls to grow up, it's kind of like saving up your money to enjoy a root-canal. The only good point is you'll get two for price of one, ofcourse this part is probably non-negotiable!

Written by: Douglas Larke.
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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