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Looks: She's quite a nice-looking cat, though her eyes aren't really very feline. In human form, she's also cute. Note that the DIC version sounds much older than she really is.

Smarts: Very bright for a sixteen-year-old (or so, in human terms), and acts as the brains of the Bishoujo Senshi when Ami isn't around. Does seem to have a problem with memory gaps, which leads to embarrassing moments every so often.

Personality: Tends to be a bit haughty, and often impatient when dealing with Usagi. But she's a big softy underneath, if only she didn't have to make sure everyone was prepared to fight evil all the time.

Fighting Skills: Okay. Often provides a needed distraction so Usagi can get her act together, but is no frontline warrior.

Cooking: No hands. Probably can run a microwave.

Competition: Artemis, who she is destined to mate with, and that guy from the S movie. As I understand it, the latter has his own girlfriend. And she doesn't need to get together with the white cat for decades yet.

In-Laws: Diana, her future daughter. You just know she's going to be pulling for Daddy.

Economics: Pets don't make much money, even show cats. You're going to have to be the official wage earner.

Sex: Um, you do realize Luna's a cat, right? If you are not a cat, and this does not discourage you, I don't want to hear about it. (Her human form seems to be attainable only with Usagi's help.)

Overall: If you're a cat, she's one of the best prospects around. If not, consider counseling.

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