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Makoto Mizuhara

Looks: Cute as a button! With his big puppy dog eyes, Makoto is quite cute without crossing the border to bishonen land.

Smarts: Very Intellegent, According to the first OAV episode, Makoto exceeds in all levels at schools. He is the top of his class as well as a good artist and star athlete. He is a little dense through when it comes to things like figuring out girl's feelings towards him.

Personality:Makoto is one of the sweetest, nicest, and most easy going people in all of anime. Makoto believes in doing the right thing. Makoto's biggest fault is that he is too trusting and forgiving of other people as he frequently acts nicely towards Jinnal. He also has a hard time figuring out people's emotions about him.

Cooking/Home Ec: No known skills but you could probably give him a cookbook and get great results.

Fighting Skills: None really. The only time Makoto really was in a fight someone was there telling him where to stab his weapon. He probably is not a very good fighter.

Special Abilities: While in El Hazard, Makoto can control the ancient technology of the society with a touch of his hand. Ifurita also gave him her power staff which allows him to communicate with her. It is unclear whether Makoto can use the Power Staff as a weapon like Ifurita can.

Competition: Makoto is head over heels in love with Ifurita so it is going to be very hard to make him fall in love with you. Even if Ifurita was not around, you would still have to deal with Shayla Shayla, Nanami Jinnai, and Karou Tarus.

In-Laws: No known. Probably both his parents are still alive and you will most likely deal with all the people Makoto met on El Hazard.

Economy: You would probably live very comfortably whether you lived on El Hazard or Earth. On Earth, Makoto's good grades could probably get him entrance to the University of Tokyo or Waseda University and in Japanese society going to a good university garantees you a good job with a good salary. If you were to live on El Hazard you would most likely have a private chamber in Princess Rune's palace or she would set you up in a really nice house.

Sex: Sex with Makoto would probably be very sweet and gentle but pretty standard with no thrills or weird kinks. However, he also seems like the type that might allow a woman to dominate him in bed because of his gentle and passive nature.

Overall : By most standards, Makoto is the creame de la creame of good catches. However, there are plenty of guys just as good as Makoto and not quite as attached to someone. It is probably a good idea to go after another man.

Written by : Dale Ratner
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