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Makoto Kino

Alias: Sailor Jupiter, Lita (which I think is short for Hippolyta.)

Looks: Good. Tall, and has impressive "talent." Seems to have a thing for laces.

Smarts: Average, but does poorly in schoolwork. Personality: Assertive and independent. One real weakness is her tendency to be attracted to men on a superficial basis of resemblance to her ideal. She is constantly disappointed, but never seems to learn from this.

Cooking: Excellent, along with other homemaking skills. I am not certain of her home life, but rumor has it she pretty much raised herself. Fighting Skills: Good. She can certainly wipe up any ordinary street thug, or a small group of them. I think she was subconciously holding back against Prince Endymion the one time they fought. Whether she could handle a Ranma 1/2 or St. Seiya fighter is another matter.

Special Abilities: Strong, as Sailor Jupiter has various electric/wood attacks.

Competition: The arcade manager, any guy who fits "the profile." The manager has a fiancee already, thank you. And if you're good to Makoto, her profile will probably mutate to fit you better.

In-Laws: None known (to me)

Economics: Unknown. She doesn't seem to need a part-time job to pay for all the expenses we see her incurring. Her goal in life is to become a housewife, but she could easily earn her own way as a cook or cleaning service if need be. (And of course there's professional wrestling, but they make you retire young in Japan...)

Sex: Would prefer to wait for marriage, but might be persuaded by a fiance. Probably a loud one.

Overall: A good choice if you can get through the rocky early courtship as she openly ogles other men. Things will be a lot easier if you fit "the profile."

Written by: SKJAM!
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