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Mamoru Chiba

Alias: Tuxedo Kamen, Endymion; Darien, Tuxedo Mask

Looks: Tall and handsome. Has a thing for formal wear.

Smarts: Despite brain damage as a youth, does okay in school. (I put any lapses down to the organic damage and the subsequent amnesia.)

Personality: Early on, acts cynical and callous to cover his insecurity over his missing time and contradictory feelings. When not pressured from outside is gentle and loving.

Cooking: He can, at least enough to feed himself.

Fighting Skills: Decent. Knows single-stick moves, but prefers to hang back and encourage.

Special Abilities: Able to pull magic roses out of thin air, magic walking stick, great at appearing out of nowhere and returning there afterwards.

Competition: Usagi, Rei, Queen Beryl. Queenie's dead, and Rei backed off when Usagi came into the picture. Usagi's the main problem as they are *destined* to be together. But they don't have to be together immediately, so pull the "I've got soap opera disease and will die in plenty of time for you to fulfill destiny" ruse.

In-Laws: None known.

Economics: Modelling seems to have paid well, doesn't it? Still, he'll probably have to get a regular job until his King of Crystal Tokyo gig starts.

Sex: You don't hear Usagi complaining, do you? :-)

Overall: Like many of the really good men, taken; but such a romantic!

Written by: SKJAM!
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