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Miaka Yuuki

Looks: At the age of fifteen, Miaka has not yet fully developed into a woman, but once she does she ought to be worth the wait. She's quite pretty, with large, expressive eyes, a slender build, and a sweet face. She has the unfortunate habit of bundling her hair up in buns on each side of her hair, but when she wears it loose she looks more mature. When dolled up in her Miko garb or other ceremonial/court dress, Miaka can qualify as beautiful.

Smarts: She's clutzy, irrational, foolish, and has the hardest time grasping what is going on around her. I hate to say it, but when it comes to smarts Miaka got the short end of the stick. She struggles in both school and everday life and the word "logic" has yet to insert itself into her vocabulary.

Personality: To quote Yui: "Genki." Miaka is bubbly, cheerful, and the sort of person who never gives up hope no matter how dire the situation. Her heart is almost always in the right place and she is an extremely forgiving, tolerant person who knows that human beings make mistakes and cannot be forced to chance. She seldom loses her temper, but if you push her she WILL fight back.

Cooking/Home Economics: Terrible. She almost killed everyone with her cooking, and her personality plus school history implies that she's probably sloppy and pays little attention to details.

Fighting Skills: Aside from those rare moments when she inexplicably glows red, Miaka is useless in a fight. Her tactics involve charging an opponent, ramming him with her head, and screaming. Most of the time Miaka isreduced
to a damsel in distress and one of her Shichiseishi has to rescue her.  Any time she successfully defeats an enemy, it is by luck or divine intervention.

Special Abilities: She is Suzaku No Miko, which in and of itself is very special. Aside from that, Miaka has no special abilities to speak of.

Competition: Dear lord, where to start? You have her one true love, Tamahome/Taka, to contend with. He'll do anything to protect Miaka from anyone, including you. You also have Hotohori, the Emperior of Kounan, who will kill you if you hurt her; Nuriko, the former Drag Queen who decided one day that he loved her and protects her even in death; and Tasuki, the bandit with an attitude who will fry you with his Tessen if you try anything with Miaka. You also have a host of other male characters who have sworn to protect her from evildoers. And then there's Yui. If she thinks you've replaced her as Miaka's favorite person, you'd best watch your watch.

In-Laws: Her parents are divorced, but it's not hard to see why since her mother is an unrepentent harpy who slaps her own daughter around and yells at her all the time. Keisuke, Miaka's elder brother, oughtn't be a problem as long as he likes you. He's a nice guy who is willing to do anything for his little sister.

Economics: At the end of the manga, she drops out of school with the intention of becoming Taka's wife. Uh-huh. Judging from her grades and her amazing ability to screw up almost anything, I think it's fair to say that Miaka is NOT going to be the primary source of income.

Sex : Miaka is young, but she's has a lot of experience with groping, making out, and "healing." (Don't ask.) She and Taka finally consumate their relationship late in the manga and all seems well, so there's a mighty good chance that Miaka won't disappoint as long as you recognize that she's a nice girl not into the kinky, nasty stuff. Respect her and things ought to work out.

Overall: Probably not worth the trouble. Miaka's man-friends can be awfully possessive, and the entire series centered around Miaka and Tamahome maintaining their turbulent relationships amidst all the competition and dangers they faced. You'd be better off giving up, lest Tasuki fry you to a crisp.

Written by : Charles Richards

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