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Kuramitsu Mihoshi

Looks: A beautiful combination of California beach blonde and lion. Though not immediately noticible Mihoshi's alien heritage is revealed by her pointed ears and small fangs. Her dark skin is offset by her pale blue eyes and mane of pale blonde hair worn in a voluminous ponytail. A fireball of frantic energy, Mihoshi's figure is maintained in a delightfully taut state without sacrificing any of the round softness that speaks of her desireability.

Smarts: Not as easy to evaluate as you might think. While on cursory examination Mihoshi might seem the very personification of "ditz", "airhead", "bakamusume" and any other terms you might come up with, the pattern of her behavior and appearances suggest that there might be more upstairs than one would initially suspect. Mihoshi frequently defies the odds against her and finds her way into places and events, entry into which is deemed impossible by more knowledgeable heads. This tendency has saved Tenchi from everything from the sexual predations of a 20,000-sai mad scientist to a death duel with a pink-haired fop. This continuing pattern cannot be coincidence. Whether Mihoshi is guided by an outside intelligence or her own cannot yet be conclusively determined. She also has a sharp eye and a memory for detail that shook the Juraian Royal House to its very foundations. Whatever the case it is best not to judge her too quickly.

Personality: Emotional to the extreme. While most of her waking hours are spent in a state of continuing bliss she is capable of crying a flood at a moment's notice. She is always willing to help even the the results of her efforts may not be those intended. She bears malice towards no one and can see good in anybody whether it's actually there or not. She takes her duties as a Galaxy Police detective very seriously even if her competence is in question. So long as you keep her limitations in mind Mihoshi is a very lovely person to be around.

Home Economics: She appears to be very good in this area provided you can get her going. She would need to be good actually given how much food she can put away but she would prefer napping in a sunbeam to cleaning the carpet. Must have something to do with the cat in her. While she would certainly have dinner waiting for you when you get home if you're late there might not be much of it left by the time you do arrive.

Combat Skills: Actually she's quite good. While she appears to be firing randomly in blind panic damn near every one of her shots tell against her targets. Her Galaxy Police Cube contains, among other things, a wide variety of personal weapons from a snub-nosed blaster to an energy rifle the size of a howitzer. In addition she has a fully equipped Galaxy Police cruiser at her disposal with all the weapons systems it contains including powered armor.

Special Abilities: Mihoshi seems to exhibit the ability to alter probability. Whether this is deliberate or just a random effect of her scattered mind cannot be said for certain. Suffice it though that the established odds of a given event occuring no longer apply when Mihoshi is in the vicinity.

Competition: Masaki Tenchi. Makibi Kiyone. Since his rescue of her at the onset Mihoshi carries an infatuation for Tenchi (What is it with this boy?) making her a contender, albeit a weak one, in the Tenchi sweepstakes. As she is not likely to catch up to the two leaders in this horserace it wouldn't take much effort and attention to lure her to you. Treat her well and she's just a big kitten. Kiyone is Mihoshi's partner in the Galaxy Police and Mihoshi is devoted to her. Not romantically mind you but as a friend and partner. Kiyone would like nothing better than to have you come along and take Mihoshi off her hands so she can get her career back on track so you'll get no resistance there. In fact, Kiyone would likely prove a source of valuable support providing you with boundless information on Mihoshi's likes, dislikes, habits, hobbies, etc.

In-Laws: Her grandfather who just happens to be the Commissioner General of the Galaxy Police. His approval will be required if you have any plans on a life with Mihoshi. DO NOT attempt to defy him. Mihoshi won't go along with it and you won't be able to show your face anywhere within Galaxy Police jurisdiction. It is not likely though that he would object if Mihoshi had her heart set on you. I don't think there is anything he would deny his granddaughter. Just make damn sure you do nothing to hurt her for he will be the first to hear about it and your life will become hell.

Finances: Mihoshi appears to make a good living as a detective first class with the Galaxy Police. While I doubt her salary will support you in luxury you can live comfortably. The problem is just what is Mihoshi paid in and is it valid on earth? As Mihoshi has been assigned to the Solar System you will probably be living on earth and indications are her salary isn't valid here. Mihoshi does show herself capable of holding various part-time jobs but little indicates that she is capable of a serious career outside of the Galaxy Police. As likely as not you will be the principal earner in the family.

Sex: Enthusiastic. There's no reason to expect that Mihoshi wouldn't be as eager about this as she is about anything else. She will certainly want to please you and her probability altering capacity will add an interesting twist to the experience. In what manner I cannot speculate but trust me, it will be something you wouldn't expect.

Overall: She takes a lot of unnecessary heat but Mihoshi is undoubtedly the nicest lady in the Tenchi entourage. Completely devoid of malice, deceit, manipulation or overt agression she would be a relief to be around given some of the predilictions of the rest of the girls. With her you will have an honest, open loving mate with whom you'll know exactly where you stand. So long as you are equally open and loving with her she will never leave your side. Somehow I don't see infidelity as part of Mihoshi's makeup. Just remember that she can be a spring-loaded ball of tears when extremely happy or extremely sad. But somehow when I see Mihoshi cry I just want to hug her.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: < a href="">Jim Franks

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