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Minako Aino

Alias: Sailor Venus, Mina

Looks: Very pretty. Unfortunately, she also looks too much like my sister for comfort. But if you like long blonde hair and good fashion sense, Minako's here.

Smarts: Variable, she learns from experience better than Usagi, but is almost as bad in school. Personality: Bright and sunny. Her longer experience as a hero gives her more self-confidence, but she's often the silliest of the Scouts. Likes the spotlight and is good at selling her image.

Cooking: Not so good. Has been too busy to improve her skills.

Fighting Skills: Adequate.

Special Abilities: As Sailor Venus, Crescent Beam Smash and other light/metal based attacks. As Sailor V has slightly different attacks. Artemis fits in here as her advisor.

Competition: Not a bunch, surprisingly. Gets crushes easily and drops them just as fast. (this may have changed in Supers or Stars, let me know.)

In-Laws: Parents very similar to Usagi's. I forget if she has a brother. The parents are nice middle-class folks, should be no trouble to get along with.

Economics: If sales of Sailor V merchandise continue strong, she'll have a nice little nest egg. As she matures past the worst of her silliness, she should be able to hold down regular jobs if necessary.

Sex: Normal.

Overall: Could be fun to live with, and definitely not your worst choice of the Senshi. (If you're a guy, your worst choice is Sailor Uranus. She don't do that...)

Written by: SKJAM!
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