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Looks: Redhead, buxom, mid-teens. Admittedly, the wings and tail COULD be a drawback, but, hey, the other benefits are good.
Smarts: Intelligent, unless Dick Saucer is involved. Thinks the king looks like a squashed frog.

Personality: Honest, halfway sane. (Which is amazing once you see her family :-) )

Cooking: Obviously good at hunting, can cook meat with breath...Would you like your steak raw, medium, or charred?

Fighting Skills: Hey, she can breathe fire and fly! Also is nigh-invulnerable (i.e. The Brutal Killer MArtial Arts Tournament) Very agile, and good with a rock. Poison darts do not affect.

Special Abilities: The aforementioned flying and fire-breathing. Wings pop out of back on demand.

Competition: For her affection, Dick Saucer--Teen idol, singer, AND Dragon Slayer all in one! In addition to Saucer, her friend Lufa. Lufa wants to kiss Mink because she kissed Saucer.

In-Laws: Well, her father was a dragon slayer who married the red dragon he was SUPPOSED to kill--enuff said? If you can ignore the common sword-vs-dragon's breath fights, they're very easy to get along with--Oh, and don't mention Saucer near her dad.

Finances: Well, she's good at bringing home those creatures they eat are. Also, she is available (maybe) for prostitution at the cost of 50,000 Gamels/night.

Sex: Once the concept was explained, she'd probably be fine, as long as she doesn't get excited and burn your face off....also, sex in the air--without an airplane!!

Overall: Mink would make a good mate--as long as you could eliminate Saucer first and move out of the house. Also, beware of attacks from Vina, Damuramu,Rosario, and Lufa, ESPECIALLY if she has her family's lightning cane. In other words, you might want to have a nice fat insurance policy. But, the fact that she's a good fighter, hunter, and looks very sexy in her outfits could outweigh these downfalls easily.

Written by: Gregory O. Young
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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