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Lynn Minmei

Looks: Cute, somewhat exotic. One might have a problem with the corkscrew curls in her hair and her fashion sense could use some work (less bows, PLEASE), but over all good.

Smarts: We're talking about Minmei here. As long as things relate to her singing career, she seems to show *some* degree of competence, but much of that could be attibuted to Kyle. Other than that... pretty dim. (A less charitable man would say "dumb as a post")

Personality: Very loyal, but at times she's very flighty and jumpy. Be careful in a relationship, as she has a tendency to get very possesive and more than a little obsessive when she's under the impression that you might leave. She's also extremely self-centered and has a tendency to act before she thinks, a trait that gets her in trouble more often than not. It would definitely help if she would mature a little.

Cooking: Good. She did use to work in a Chinese Resteraunt, so she's obviously had some experience. She did some cooking for Rick while the two of them were shacking up during the end of Macross/Robotech.

Fighting Skills: You're kidding right? Just give her a microphone, point her in the direction of the enemy and tell her to start singing and watch the bad-guys explode. Just be sure to plug your ears.

Special Abilities: Ability to decimate alien races with just a rendition of "We Can Win" (or "Love:Do You Remember", depending). Also seems to have a variation of Mulder-Fu... instead of the inerring ability to walk into any punch, she has a tendency to get kidnapped at the drop of a hat.

Competition: Tons. Depending on when you meet her, there's Rick Hunter, Lynn Kyle, the three entradi, Commander Wolfe, Captain Edwards and her entire screaming fan-base.

In-Laws: None. Her parents were killed off on the Zentradi bombardment of Earth and Lynn Kyle trying to rescue her from Edwards. Janice is a possible exception, but only on a technicality.

Economics: Rich. She's Earth's most popular idol-singer, so odds are she's gonna constantly be raking in the dough. She also might be able to run a competent nightclub... usually with her as the main attraction.

Sex: Most likely submissive type, possibly warming up to you as the relationship grows. Expect to be the initiator of most encounters with her.

Overall: If you can deal with the head-aches and having to rescue her every five or so minutes from the latest villian, it may actually be worth your while.

Written by: Gwydion
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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