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Katsurugi Misato

Looks: Stunning. She is also a rarity in anime. An adult woman in a major role. Her figure is trim and she is quite athletic so it is likely to stay that way. The only thing you might have to get over is a large scar across her chest. However her current lifestyle of high stress and high alcohol consumption are likely to make her good looks rather short-lived.

Smarts: In certain situations she is quite intelligent and resourceful. Holding the rank of major in an organization charged with earth's final defense against alien invasion indicates the mental ability is there. However, outside of this context her intelligence seems little better developed than your average 14-sai.

Personality: Irresponsibility made flesh. In her capacity as a NERV operative she carries out her duties with extaordinary competence. In her personal life she's a disaster area. Indications are she is strongly prone to alcoholism if she's not an alcoholic already. Seems to exist in only one of two emotional states. Extreme excitement or extreme depression. We seem to have your classic manic-depressive here. Understandable given what she's been through, but the patience of Job will be required for any long-term involvement.

Cooking: If you're into beer and nuke-food welcome to heaven. No skills with any kitchen appliance has been exhibited so far with the possible exceptions of the refrigerator and the microwave. Garbage will accumulate if you leave it to her to take it out, as will dirty dishes, dirty laundry, beer cans and any other deritrus ordinary living can generate.

Fighting Skills: Carries a handgun constantly and clearly indicates that she is willing and able to use it. Unfortunately most of the people she's pointed it at tend to be her friends or collegues. You're taking your chances here. Unknown capability in the hand-to-hand arena but assume she's had some NERV training in that area. Indications are she's stronger than her size would indicate so she could probably break a limb or two unless you've had some training yourself.

Special Abilities: None in the supernatural, magical or super-scientific area but she has enough guts for a small army. She is tenacious once she latches onto a challenge and will either complete the task she's assigned herself or die in the attempt.

Competition: Ikari Shinji and PenPen. Neither of these are romantic rivals but she is intensely devoted to both of them, particularly Shinji. The one romantic interest in her life appears to have booked so he would most likely not be a concern except for the fact that the memories of a lover can be harder to overcome than the lover himself. It looks like a clear field if you can convince her of the sincerity of your interest. She is desperately lonely and will latch onto any source of attention, romantic or otherwise.

In-Laws: Doesn't appear to be any. Her father was killed at Second Impact and there appears to be no data on her mother.

Finances: NERV appears to operate on another of anime's unwritten laws: The greater an organization's responsibility, the smaller it's budget. NERV doesn't appear to pay all that well. Understandable given the overhead of maintaining Tokyo-3 and three Eva Units. You will have the perk of being safely tucked underground in case of Angel attack, but then we've seen that being underground didn't provide that much safety in the face of an Angel attack. In all likelyhood you will be the primary breadwinner in this relationship and it doesn't appear that Misato's career with NERV is likely to be a long one. Unfortunately her resume and personality traits aren't likely to qualify her for any other position.

Sex: The one bright spot in this litany. Evidently very competent and very vocal. She will also probably demand it constantly as she is a lady in continuing need of reassurance. Give up on any thoughts of nights out with the guys.

Overall: If you are independently wealthy and can spend the rest of your life in bed while maids and servants carry out the mundane chores of your household then by all means go for it. Otherwise this lady is in serious need of therapy before she could be considered anywhere near ready for a serious commitment. If you get involved with her at her current state of development you could find getting out of her life will be a lot harder than getting into it.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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