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Mitaka Arisa

Looks: Seductive. Arisa is a born flirt, and her dark complexion and jet-black hair add to her athletic build to drive men wild. Sensual to the point of intimidating.

Personality: The Woman of the World. Arisa will take on anyone and win, just for the sheer bull-headedness of it. Any competition becomes personal with her. Plays up an extreme "tough girl" exterior which overlies a sincere loyalty to her friends and teammates. Despite her naturally seductive appearance, she tends to be a loner, separating herself from the others around her.

Home Economics: Unknown.

Fighting Skills: Standard hand-to-hand JASDF training, with a natural skill. Admits to no equal in a fighter jet (no matter what Miyuki says).

Special Abilities: In addition to her piloting skill, is an accomplished motorcycle rider.

Competition: Isarugi Takuya, Mitaka Arisa. Getting past Takuya would be a hassle, especially since not only would Arisa want to hold on to him for love's sake, but also to make sure Miyuki didn't 'win.' Also, Arisa's nature of being the independent loner, the one who doesn't quite belong, presents a significant obstacle in and of itself. In order to reach the loving woman inside, you must find a way to crack the walls of her personality.

In-Laws: Unknown.

Economics: Arisa appears to be a spendthrift, between her addiction for video arcades and her motorcycle. Between her income from the JASDF and her habits... well, expect to be working yourself.

Sex: Expect a very thorough education, by a partner who will definitely insist on being on top. Also expect to have your stamina tested to its limits- you are _NOT_ going to wear her out if she can help it.

Overall: Definitely a long-term project. This is a person with some heavy baggage, but if you can get through to her, the reward will be well worth it.

Written by: Kris Overstreet
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