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Mitamura Arisa

Looks: Utterly adorable when she's not girding for battle. A trim figure (no doubt maintained by constantly hefting large machine guns and rocket launchers) and a stylish flip of dark brunette hair. However when contemplating the possibility of loosing some heavy ordinance her face can take on a evil gleam.

Smarts: She is clearly intelligent as manifested by the many skills she has with weapons and military equipment however that intelligence is almost always overridden by an extraordinarily short temper. Judgement regarding the gentler aspects of society is almost non-existant and she will resort to violence first and foremost as a solution to her problems. Do not become one of her problems.

Personality: Explosive. Anything will set this woman off. And she is very likely to express her outrage with heavy metal and hot lead. Tread lightly and speak softly when anywhere near this lady. However, I suspect that sufficient knowledge of and access to the latest military hardware will turn her into a little girl in a candy store. This would be difficult to acheive as she is employed by the largest arms manufacturer in the world, but I'm sure Mishima Juukougyou has competitors whose products Arisa would dearly love to try out. Start dusting off your resume.

Home Economics: This lady can strip down and rebuild any weapon known while blindfolded and in the dark but don't expect any of this skill and dexterity to carry over into homemaking. If anything she seems unconcerned with the conditions of any quarters she happens to be occupying. Cooking skills are probably equally absent as she apparently eats out alot. She is also likely to have little patience with the day-to-day routine of keeping a home clean and well maintained. No doubt if you do you will spend a lot of time picking up after her. Just don't let her see you doing it.

Combat Skills: While she is clearly skilled with a wide variety of weapons she is too unfocused and rage-driven to be effective with any of them. Her marksmanship is in need of a lot of work and she has considerable difficulty assessing the capabilities of her opponent. This tendency has produced many painful and bruising encounters for her with one particular opponent that she has yet to learn would be better left alone. In her column though is vast amounts of grit and determination and the ability to absorb considerable amounts of punishment, which she does on a frequent basis.

Special Abilities: None magical, supernatural or super-scientific. However this woman can handle any weapon in existence from a sniper rifle to a combat coleopter to a combat suit with little to no previous training. In this area she is clearly a prodigy.

Competition: Natsume Akiko. Not a romantic rival but her employer and mentor. There is nothing Arisa won't do to serve Akiko or Mishima Juukougyou and you will always be secondary to this consideration. Regrettable given how shabbily she is treated by Akiko and her company. Swing this misguided loyalty over to you and you will have literally a woman who would go to war for you. Koitabashi Kyouko. Also not a romantic rival but a constant companion and partner in her many efforts on behalf of Akiko and Mishima. Separating these two will be very difficult as each is the only friend the other one has. If you do settle down with Arisa you can expect Kyouko to be spending a lot of time with you unless you can fix her up with someone.

In-Laws: No known family. Arisa gives every loyalty she has to Akiko and Mishima and likely as not considers them her surrogate family. The closest individual to her personally is the afore mentioned Koitabashi Kyouko who would likely fill the role as sister-in-law.

Finances: Poor. One of the abuses heaped upon Arisa by Mishima is an inadequate salary that is frequently cut, withheld or withdrawn at the discretion of Akiko and her frequent fits of pique. While it is possible that Akiko would be extremely generous were Arisa to succeed in getting Ryuunosuke back this cannot be counted on. It is strongly recommended that you have an adequate and independent source of income if your finances are to have any kind of stability.

Sex: Arisa is definately the "I-want-it-now" type. Expect this lady to grab you by the lapels, throw you onto the nearest horizontal surface and undress you with her teeth. Expect as well that she will not take "no" for an answer when she's in the mood, regardless of where she is when the mood hits. If you're not ready for action when she is you are likely to frustrate her and frustrating Arisa will get you the wrong end of an M-60.

Overall: If you're looking for a quiet, orderly life with a gentle quiet woman you're reading the wrong article. Unpredictability is defined by Arisa and she is the personification of "hair trigger". If you like life on the edge and have the will to keep her under control then Arisa will make a good and capable wife. Your first project together can be the construction of a backyard firing range where you can work on her marksmanship skills. If you want to hold Arisa's attention, nothing beats weapons.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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