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Alais: Kyuuketsuki Miyuu

Looks: Beautiful for a 13-sai girl, which she is going to look like for a long time. Make no mistake, however, the mind in that body has been around for a long time and has seen and done a lot of things that will make your hair fall out. Once she completes her mission she will start to mature in which case you will have an extremely beautiful woman to look forward to.

Smarts: Lots of them. This lady's been hunting some of the most dangerous critters unknown to Man, many of whom are far older and more experienced than she is. She's still alive and usually victorious. She has deep insight into the human heart for someone who isn't human though that insight seems to focus on the darker aspects of the species. I wouldn't engage in any philosophical debates with her until you've logged a century or two under your belt.

Personality: Dark. She's led a tragic life and an even more tragic unlife. She can take on the characteristics of a lost child when things close in on her too much but the vampire/Shinma hunter is never too far away. Under it all though she's still looking for the normal life and family that was taken from her. If you can convince her that you can give her the love and home she's looking for you would find that there is a brighter aspect to this lady.

Home Economics: Cooking skills are probably limited to what she last learned from her mother. Besides, blood is served raw. I suspect that if you truly earned her love she would learn to cook for your benefit but expect to eat alone. I wouldn't think that she could meet her dietary needs at the same time you are meeting yours unless you have a particularly strong stomach. Housekeeping is probably limited too as she doesn't currently appear to have a home to maintain.

Combat Skills: Impressive. Besides possessing the traditional capabilities of a vampire (minus the shapeshifting skills, at least in the anime) she can direct considerable amounts of fire based spiritual energy at her targets. However her principle weapon is her companion, Larva, who usually delivers the coup de grace. When angered though she will use her own abilities to kill.

Special Abilities: Freely transits between two worlds and can take others with her, teleportation, mind control, extreme physical strength, superb night vision, flight, spiritual energy attacks. Can grant immortality to humans by exchanging blood with them. WARNING: Her role as Guardian between Shinma and Humanity means that she is not affected by the traditional defences against vampires. She freely walks in sunlight, is unaffected by crucifixes, holy water, garlic, etc. She probably isn't affected by wards, ofuda, juzu, Buddhist or Shintoist incantations either. She does not appear to even sleep in a coffin if she sleeps at all. She can enter a household without invitation and running water is no barrier. She can even disguise her golden eyes to pass for human. While it is likely that a stake through the heart will still kill her, it will be very difficult to get it there.

Competition: Larva. Not a romantic rival but faithful servant and fierce defender. You do anything likely to harm Miyuu and you are *food*. Fortunately Larva is a discreet presence and would not interfere in Miyuu's happiness if Miyuu were to decide that that happiness includes you. You may also expect difficulties from spiritualist Himiko with whom Miyuu shares a deep and distant connection. This woman has obsessed herself with Miyuu and is likely to be a fixture in your lives, particularly after she turns vampire herself.

In-Laws: Mother and Father, both vampires. At the moment they are suspended in time to provide Miyuu the incentive to round up the Shinma that slipped out during the transition of the Guardianship and the disaster that ensued as a result. Expect that when the last Shinma is retrieved or killed that they will be freed and you will have to deal with them. I don't see any problems though. Miyuu's father suffers from extreme apathy as a result of his immortality, though Miyuu's mother will constantly be counseling her not to grant immortality to you lest the same thing happen.

Finances: Not good as Miyuu has no need of money. She has no deep involvement with human affairs and probably spends her free time in the Dark. As likely as not part of your mutual household will exist in that nether region. You will no doubt have to provide the income that allows you to live in the human world as Miyuu does not appear qualified for nor interested in human employment.

Sex: She probably doesn't know what it is yet. While she feels the longings of a woman for love her body is still that of a 13-sai girl with all the hormonal confusion that implies. It will be a long wait until she matures to the point where this becomes a possibility but I suspect that Miyuu will make it well worth the wait. You can consider this an incentive to take up the art of Shinma hunting
Overall: If you have a taste for the unusual in a mate and a lot of patience, Miyuu would be hard to top. You may have to wait a few centuries before the relationship bears fruit and you will no doubt be nibbled on from time to time but there are good reasons to consider Miyuu as a wife. And if you elect to take some of her blood in exchange for yours you will have to change your definition of "long-term" relationship.

Written by: Kyle Pope
Converted to HTML by: Jim Franks

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